Thursday, January 4, 2018

Go GTS Live and a Changeup...

GO GTS LIVE - Do you watch?

We are in a wonderful time to be in the hobby. I know card collecting has a natural ebb and flow but right now we are as technologically advanced in collecting as ever before. This gives us countless mediums to share our hobby such as Podcasts, Web Shows, and Blogs. Twitter was painted with advertising for a web show called Go GTS Live around Christmas time. The apparent web show was going to have a special Christmas Spectacular to reach new listeners and spread some holiday cheer. I'm a sucker for a good giveaway and these guys had stacks of boxes to give out. Plus, they were busting boxes and talking cards. I tuned in to check it out and it was pretty entertaining. I got to see a lot of product fresh from the box that I hadn't seen. The guys involved seemed pretty cool. The topics were fresh and correlated with many of the collecting topics being posted around the hobby scene. I watched the entire show that night up until the last ten minutes when I finally decided to put Nolan to bed. Wouldn't you know; I won a giveaway as soon as I turned it off. The guys were nice enough to message me that I had won a card they had pulled on the air. I would recommend watching these guys sometime, even if I hadn't been given a free card. They have videos of old shows posted online. I am going to try to watch them tonight but life with a 3 year old is not that predictable.


This is probably my shortest post. I typically spew a whole bunch of topics into one super long post once or twice a week. I have a ton of stuff to post about so instead of making one post that takes 10 minutes to get through, next week I am going to try a bunch of small posts maybe everyday. I will see what the view tally looks like after the week as I know a lot of people only hit up the blogs one day a week when they find time. I worry some posts will just get washed away into history without anyone seeing them before the next one posts. Anyway, make sure you stop by my blog more often next week or check to see new posts you might have missed. I have some good stuff coming!


  1. Admittedly I've never tuned-in, but might have to at some point. Congrats on the giveaway win!

  2. Yea,I've been meaning to tune in but still haven't done so yet. Maybe it's time I got on that!

  3. I tuned into the Christmas show. I would watch more but I can't fit it into my schedule, unfortunately.