Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Pump the Breaks! More Tips for Success and Forget the Razz



#1 Best Tip for Successful Breaks

Lets start with the positive: www.breakninja.com is the best site I have found to help me decide what breaks to enter and how much to bid. The site has so much information on each set its crazy. This is the site I used to first verify the amount of JaCoby Jones in the Chronicles set started buying into breaks. I think the site even has some kind of ebay affiliation to help you find deals or something. I haven't investigated that yet. I have used this site for every sport too, not just baseball.

First off, this information helps you figure out how many cards the break will see and from there a little math and guestimation can help you figure out your chances on certain players/teams/hits.
Next hit shows lists like this that can be helpful in team breaks.
Then clickable links for each team along with a numeric breakdown.
This is a sample of the team list of hits.


Case Break Blunders

#1. -WARNING- There will be quite a bit of profanity in this post. Not because I enjoy it but I need to be very clear and quote exactly what I heard tonight so no one is misrepresented. This post is not an attack on this breaker, he has his own style and it must work for him. I am just presenting my experience so nobody has to have the same experience if they would rather not.

Tonight (01/12/2018) my brother and I felt the need to join a break. We found a player break offered on ebay by seller Rainwhiskerr for Chronicles Baseball. This person is known as Boomo or Boomo99 on youtube.
Somehow I was outbid on JaCoby Jones as it went for $20.50 plus $4 shipping. I can tell you that is about what the Jones 1/1 from the set is worth. Someone is out of their mind. It made me a little happy inside when one common relic came up of his and that was it. Anyway, I bought 7 players;

Jake Thompson .99
John Farrell 3.24
Miguel Sano 1.79
Mike Moustakas .99
Ian Kinsler .99
Jeff Hoffman .99
Joe Torre 1.26
PLUS $4.00 shipping.

Overall, a great deal. Still cheaper than a retail blaster of this product. From many previous breaks of this product; I know John Farrell will have at least one hit in the case and the others were long shots but would pay great dividends if I hit. Gambling is what it is, but its fun especially when my brother bought 5 players and we watch together.
I was not familiar with the breaker and soon learned I should have listened to my own tips I posted in an earlier post and researched him. In my opinion this guy sucked. I hate talking bad about anybody but considering the guy talked crap about other breakers openly during the break I think its necessary to warn any of you. He probably only appeals to a small group of young, immature people.
The break itself was set up bad. In the beginning you couldn't see where the cards were coming from and he had a big tv playing god only knows what show behind each card he showed. He only showed hits and for 0.000001 seconds at a time. It was impossible to try to listen for 7 players. My fault maybe, but he decided to bless this world with his only talent which was turning players names into dirty words whenever possible as if he was 13 years old. Mind you; he is well over 40. Examples of his crude immaturity included: "Gay Mancini" "Anthony Jizzo" Alex Gayest" gay seems to be a theme in his jokes "Mike Shit" "Dan Vogelfuck" "Carlos Cogaya" "Jorge Bonofacial" "Drelson I will never amount to shit Lamet" the list goes on and on. He was offensive throughout the broadcast including drinking a beer and belching into the mic and saying "I think I lost some pounds on that one." Now, I know there are no qualifications needed to be on youtube or to be a breaker but I really wish I would have researched. I am not against drinking, I probably would if I was a breaker too as well as swearing a little. This was over the top. I told my brother when there were 3 boxes left I was so relieved it was almost over; thats how bad it was. I kept expecting his mom to drop into the shot sometime with a snack for him.
Overall, this dude definitely is not my style and probably reminded me too much of my immature disgusting brother in law so I am a bit biased but everything I have typed is correct to my personal experience tonight.

#2. My other break blunder came earlier this month when I received my lone card from a break unprotected in a 8x10 bubble mailer with a team bag and top loader tossed in. I posted about it the day it happened. I can understand these things happening, especially if multiple hands help out on the project. It does leave a bad taste in my mouth for entering another break with 702_Breakers on ebay. I guess I'm lucky I didn't pull a 1/1?

Forget the Razz; SOLD

I lucked into a Razz being promoted on one of my Tigers Collectors Facebook groups that had three sweet JaCoby Jones cards going for 10 spots at $2. These cards are worth way more than $20 so I ended up grabbing all ten and buying the lot out straight up. I couldn't pass up on these for that price. This seller is still in the caveman days of taping everything in skotch and box tape. It kills me. Oh well. At this point if anybody has a better JJ collection than me they have a lock of chest hair in it.
/3 Baby! Love it.

I am not tech-savvy enough to take a decent picture of Clearly Authentics yet. Sorry.

/25 makes this card a sweet deal.

Merry Off-Season to Everyone!

Your package may differ.

I have been building up a big ole pile of packages to be sent out to all of you out there. The time between Christmas and Spring Training can suck, so I decided to throw some cardboard at y'all to keep you awake. I let the cards decide who was getting a package with what was laying around and some will get PWE, some Bubblers, and a few priority boxes. Again, not playing favorites its just whatever amount of cards was sitting around for your PC's or teams. Hope your packages all find you well but don't get too excited they aren't going to pay for retirement. If you don't get one right away don't fret, it may take me until May to send all these things out. And no reciprocation needed, enjoy. Merry Off-Season.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Tips for a Fun and Successful Tigerfest 2018

Detroit Tigerfest 2018 Is Upon Us

Tiger fans are fortunate that our organization puts on Tigerfest. I am sure they get 10,000 complaints about the event to every 1 praise. The event can really be a nightmare for a lot of people. I've been in shock many years at the deterioration of the organization and planning of the event from when I started going over a decade ago to the laughable shit-show it was last year. Don't get me wrong, I have fun every year and am very appreciative the Tigers put the event on but the amount of people squished against each other in such a small space, the lack of player cooperation, 4 hour lines, and absolutely zero staff to be found anywhere makes the event a rough one to say the least. I do however have some tips to help 'fest-goers enjoy their day a little more. These are based on past experience and every year is different so first tip;
  1. Adapt. If you haven't been to this even before it may be a shock. If you have, don't get stuck in thinking it will be the same and lines will run similar to previous years and so on. Also, I don't know what is allowed in the event for bags. I usually take a backpack but security has gotten tighter recently so be able to lose the backpack and still have all your stuff somehow.
  2. Take someone or something fun. Years ago I used to take girlfriends, that way I got double the autos. It is a LOOOOONG day so you will need to either build up or make up some brownie points. Careful though, Jeremy Bonderman flirted with my wife one year and I have yet to hear the end of it.
  3. Try the tag team and trade approach. If you have a friend going and don't mind standing alone playing on your phone or whatever, get in different lines all day and then throw your autos in a hat and take turns pulling. It gives you better odds of getting who you want. 
  4. One year I took my wife and sister and had those two stand in a different line than me all day. I got a ton of autos that year. You may have trouble finding people to do this for you. 
  5. The lines are excruciatingly long standing on cement all day. Wear comfy shoes and clothes and layer! It could be -10 degrees outside and 80 degrees inside the buildings. 
  6. Take entertainment. Even if you are going with someone. Make sure you have some netflix stuff downloaded. Bring back up batteries or extra devices as you wont find a plug to charge on. I used to bring my Sony PSP system. I had extra batteries and I could watch movies and play games while standing by myself. This year I will have 3 different phones and I may pack my portable DVD player.
  7. Keep an open mind. Everyone there is some degree of Tiger fan. From the children crying all over, the idiots who don't understand personal space in line, to the drunk fat chicks whooing every 5 minutes. Drink it in as a Tigers event and try to enjoy it all. Baseball is a long way off in Motown, this is as close as it gets right now.
  8. Stick to one line! The players signing autographs rotate every half hour. You won't even get a fraction of everybody. Last year I got two autographs in 6 hours of line waiting and neither guy ended up on the roster for the full year. If you jump lines you may end up getting the same guy twice. Sometimes a good thing as in the first year I went when I got Magglio Ordonez 3 times. But more often its the guy you could care less to see you get stuck with. Don't bother trying to chase players either as there is no line that is short enough to jump in to get to the player currently signing. The fastest line I ever stood in was 45 minutes in 10 or so Tigerfests.
  9. Get your picture taken alone if you go to that line. I had a really sweet picture with Magglio one year that is now trash because of an ex-girlfriend taking up half the shot.  
Me and my wife (when we were dating) a hundred years ago with Tim Byrdak. Keep in mind the staff does not know how to frame a picture.

For the more advanced Tigerfesters here is how I pack for the event:
  • I have a binder of all active players with at least two cards I want signed for each guy doubled up in each sleeve. The card facing out is my first choice and the other is second in case I get someone twice. It happens. Again, the event is organized by chimps. Also, I bring balls, game used stuff, 8x10s and 5x7s. I used to make a paper checklist showing what I brought for each guy so I was fast to have it ready. Now, I write with a sharpie on the card page for the player if I have an item like a 5x7 I would rather have signed first priority. 
Here is an example of my prioritizing. I would rank cards 1-3 and also make notes right on the pages of other items I wanted signed before I turned to cards.

  • Last year they did not put out a player list at all. We went in blind. I was able to trade with a guy in line for a Mike Pelfrey card since I didn't bring one. This year they listed about 15 players so far but I doubt they release the full list. I look at who signs locally at card shows for past players and make sure I take their cards. Coaches, managers, prospects, broadcasters are all possible on top of the active roster. 
  • I bring extra cards in case I need to trade or am able to help somebody out who doesn't have anything to have signed. You would be surprised how many people go to Tigerfest without even a ball to have signed and stand in line to have the program or ticket signed. Concessions are open and sell balls if all else fails. I used to bring "scrub" pictures and balls. Generic pictures any prospect I didn't have a card of could sign or a non official ball they could mark up so I had something for anybody who could possibly be there.
All this may be very, very overkill for such a short event but; what else baseball related is going on right now? Plus, no players sign for adults at Comerica Park on the home team side so this is the only chance I have of getting some fresh scribbled ink. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Trade Package From Just A Cracked Bat Flip Away


Let me first start by saying Julie from the blog A Cracked Bat knows how to package some cards! No offense to anyone who has sent me packages in the past but this box was packed safer and more perfect than any I have seen before. A while ago I sent Julie some cards that in no possible way were equal to this package. If anyone ever receives a random pwe, bubbler or priority box from me without warning just know they are not a "trade package" just a "hey, have some cards because I enjoy your blog" package. Julie supplemented my Tigerfest load as well as probably doubled my Nick Castellanos and Jim Edmonds PC's. Julie only lives a few miles from me and sometimes its painful to look at her blog because of card envy but I have definitely learned its better to befriend collectors who share your PC's. I must apologize this package was so big I had to use my phone for pics instead of the scanner and it took a few days. I may have left out more cards than I wanted to. Check out what I was able to record for this post:

Absolutely perfectly packed box.

The cards just kept coming!

This team set is amazing! This is the Tigers logo and team I grew up on. I am hoping to get some of these scribbled on at Tigerfest.

Salty and Yelich!

Cool Worth refractor. He wasn't bad.

High end Fulmer!

Two very cool photos of Mags.

I love the look of these cards and Granderson is terrific!

Embossed Sheff!


A very cool Pudge I haven't seen before!

Mags and NOT C-Mo!

I was a big Dean Palmer fan! Mostly because there was nobody else on the team to root for back then.

Tiger fans will never forget Galarraga or Jim Joyce and this card is amazing!

Price refractor and die cut. Just reminders of the Aces the Tigers have lost: Verlander, Scherzer, Porcello, Price, Ray....


This card is so frickin' cool. I hope I see him at Tigerfest.

The Goodwin Champions set was underrated.

My first Honus Bonus cards!

A kid in front of me at the Jack Morris Walmart signing handed him this card. I will never forget his comment to the child "Who gives a shit what Derek Jeter says."

Minis of 3 of my fav's and Peralta

Youngster RC's!

Casty on Casty on Casty! Incredible.

My new favorite!

Senior pic?

Look at this! Who throws this in a random package?! PC Forever!

The UD card is amazing!

The core.

Gypsy Queen set! Just begging for scribbled ink.


My favorite vintage set of all time!

I hope Stanley does at least one more local signing.


Embossed Fryman I have never seen before!

Big Daddy! That McDonalds card is so sweet.

Flair Insert Robby Alomar!

Two Prince's I didn't have.

Look at all the Miggy's! Who dishes out a stack of sure HOF cards?


Rainbow foil to take to Tigerfest!

Sparkly Migs

Harder to find Miggy

Shiny Miggy

Begging for ink Miggy

Miggy miggy miggy

more Miggy

Awesome Miggy. My first Moniker card.



Relic cards too!

Heading to Tigerfest with me!

#'ed Kaline? Dang!

Beautiful classics

I love military themed cards. This one is awesome!




The late Jim Bunning

My coolest Jim Edmonds card!

Third coolest.

Second coolest.


So many awesome Jim Edmonds cards!

Julie you are awesome! Thank you so much. Go Tigers.