Sunday, September 8, 2019

Sealed for Freshness and Made with Love from Dennis!

My best bloggin' buddy Dennis  hooked me up "freaky fast" with a sammich bag full of goodness. Thus proving you can ship safely in a ziploc. He tends to drop pounds (of cards) like Jared from Subway in my mail box and in person very often.  Somehow we are both in some kind of USPS super-speed vortex sweet spot that allows us to get packages to each other faster than a Gargantuan from a 16 year old Jimmy John's driver in his mom's 1988 Trans Am. We literally received each other's packages less than 24 hours after sending them. I don't think I will ever break even with the stuff that Dennis finds for me.

Dennis loved the loose Miggy RC in a baggy via ebay I got a few days ago so much he has incorporated the shipping technique into his own trades. 

I've been watching this one card jump between $25-35 on ebay for over a year. Now I have one!

That pinstripe is sick! Young Arenado sporting his guns.

My first Reimold AUTO for my "Nolan" collection!

I have always loved these donruss relics. Andy Dirks is a personal favorite and I have been waiting to pick up enough Panini Points to snag this card. Now, I can get the Austin Jackson on instead. 

Oooh, Acetate cards are my jam!

Prince's swing arm > Encarnacion's Parrot arm home run trot. 

Golden express!

This pin is amazing. I have never seen one before and I always look at the random boxes and in the nooks and crannies of junk tables. 

Now that is a sketch card!

/1500 no less!

Every Nolan Ryan collector has these cards banging around in boxes. I rarely see them in the original box and now can be certain I am not missing any.

How Silly Our Hobby Is

This is that card got above (this one is /99, but big whoop) that I have been watching forever and the seller will not mark it down. Don't have to watch it get relisted anymore!

One single blaster. A break spot in one single blaster. $20. That IS the price of the blaster. I hope nobody was silly enough to get into this.

Silly is probably not a strong enough word for a $1K pack of cards.

I feel like the Tigers have been doing this with Miggy for a long time. They ask $350+ for his signature ttm and way more on actual decent items. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Sometimes, I Could Kiss My Mailman! Contest winnings, TCDB Trades, Topps Home Run Challenge Winner

What would you pick?!

I won a twitter contest from MLBPA forcing me to pick an auto card. Above you can see my options that were still available. I can't begin to tell you how difficult the decision was for me. I know, I know; you feel so sorry for my whiny ass. I chose Yelich on the basis of his MVP and future MVP award potential. Acuna autos are sweet but RC Acuna autos are the best plus, he's young and unproven. I PC Arenado and don't have an auto of his yet but he isn't really an MVP candidate and there are a handful of third basemen nowadays that are just like him so I should be able to afford one soon. So Yelich made his way to me BUT, BUT, BUT; not that easy. The package arrived as a wrapped and sealed bubble mailer. While looking at the package I noticed a smaller bubble wrap in the middle. I pulled it out and there was my card. WHAT?! They wrapped it in the bubble mailer and left it open on the ends. It could have fallen out at any point. The pictures above are of the still sealed bubble mailer. Unbelievable. I was luckier to get the card in hand than I was to be chosen as a winner. This stuff only happens to me.

Short mail day video:

Also in the file of "This shit only happens to me" I give you:

Purple variation Meadows glued into the packaging. 

Ebay seller sent me this Miggy RC loose in a ziploc. 

This trader found a good fitting thin cardboard for a pwe.

Yup, I'm gonna need this.

Some new stuff.