Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ryan Raburn as the season comes to an end.

Got Ryan Raburn back as the Tigers make their way into the Post-season. Thanks Ryan good luck in the Playoffs.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jim Leyland Masterpiece!

Received Mr. Leyland's signature today. Sent the card out on 4/11/2011 got back on 8/30/2011. Thanks Jim!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tony LaRussa! Yes!

I told my fiancee to get the mail and don't come back without an autograph. It had been a nearly a month since my last one. It was a joke but look what she threw at me when she returned. Tony LaRussa in Blue Sharpie. Sent out on 4/11/11. Mr. LaRussa is an awesome manager that is great to his fans.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Schlereth Shows Some Love...

Daniel Schlereth completed this card I had Ryan Perry sign at Tigerfest. I sent it out on 4/11/11 and got it back today. He even signed in blue ink like Perry did. Thanks Daniel! Definitely an awesome Tigers Bullpen piece. Just need Boesch and Raburn back to complete all the Tigers I sent out. I also received a St. Louis Cardinals Fan Pack today as well. Darn good day for a slow month. I got turned down by Jacoby Ellsbury a week or so ago as my card was returned unsigned along with a small print and not saying he was too much mail like Pedroia. I'm now 6/56 returned signed so far, 10/56 returned including non-signed cards.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Returns from Elvis and Pedey.

I got my cards returned from Elvis Andrus and Dustin Pedroia along with printed pictures and notes saying they get a lot of mail and can't sign. Sent Pedroia on 5/25/2011 and Elvis on 4/4/2011 got both on 6/3/2011.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Don Kelly moistens a drought with wet ink...

Huge thanks to Don Kelly. I'm a huge fan of his, he is so versatile for us. Sent out on 4/18/2011 received signed on 6/2/2011, 63 Days!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sending out a QB brigade

Sending out cards to;

Chad Henne
Matt Stafford
Matt Leinart

Haven't gotten the mail yet today. Haven't received anything in a while other than a White Sox fan pack which was pretty cool.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Update Overall

I looked at my database and I am 6/50. I have sent out 50 and gotten 6 autographs back and 2 return to senders along with 1 request for donation. 12%

Great day at the box today!

I passed by the mail lady loading my box today and noticed some nice packages being crammed in so I got excited. As soon as she took off I bolted to the mailbox and this is what I pulled:

6 LA Dodger Pocket Schedules
Angels rookie Hank Conger Autographed RC
Minnesota Wild fan pack
Toledo Mudhens fan pack
Hunting Legend Fred Eichler Auto'ed and personalized 8X10

What a day! The other day I forgot to post as well I got an auto'ed personalized 8X10 of professional hunter Tom Nelson too. Thank you so much Fred, Tom, Hank, Toledo Mudhens, the Wild and the Dodgers for the great stuff.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sent out...

I swiped some stamps and sent out 2 cards to Alex Gordon and one to Phil Hughes today.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Good day! Will Rhymes and Jim Shockey.

Got Will Rhymes today! Sent out on 4/11/2011 received on 5/11/11.
Also, got Jim Shockey hunting legend auto 8x10 as well. Sweet day!

Monday, May 9, 2011


I was out of town for the weekend so I missed the mail Saturday. Today, I went to the mailbox hoping there would be two days worth of good stuff. To my surprise the mailbox wouldn't hold all the stuff I got today! Here is the list:
-Boston Bruins fan pack
-Houston Astros fan pack
-Detroit Red Wings fan pack
-Autographed Drury Brothers 8 x 10
-Milwaukee Brewers fan pack
-Montreal Canadiens fan pack
-Columbus Clippers pocket schedules
-Toledo Mudhens pocket schedules
-LA Dodgers fan pack
-LeHigh Valley IronPigs pocket schedules
-Arizona Diamondbacks fan pack
All in all a horrible day for my mail carrier but the best day yet for me. I got t-shirts, hats, posters, magnets, cards, schedules, mouse pads, books, pictures, stickers, rally towels, folders, pencils, luggage tag and so non and so on. Can't believe all the sweet stuff. Still no sports autographs back though.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

More fan packs, No sigs

Today, I got a Buffalo Sabres fan pack the highlight of which is a Ryan Miller magnet. I also received the holy grail of fan packs; the Boston Red Sox pack. They sent me a full size calendar, a Kevin Youkilis picture, some other stuff and Fenway Dirt. The Red Sox know how to excite their fans.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

More let downs...

Brady Anderson got RTS. They did forward it to an address in California for me though. Unfortunately, I guess he can no longer be found there.
Brandon Inge got RTS as well. I sent him out and the next day the Tigers updated their website saying its a $10 donation for his signature on a card. Oh well, I will probably send out a check next time. I did receive a Tigers fan pack along with it though containing a pic of Inge and a pocket schedule.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fan Packs

I've been sending out for fan packs from MLB teams and pocket schedules for minor league teams. Yesterday I received pocket schedules from the Pawtucket Red Sox. Today I received a fan pack from the Cleveland Indians and pocket schedules from the Scranton-Wilkes Barre Yankees. Haven't had any autographs come in for a while. Thinking about sending out a bunch more just have to buy more stamps. Interesting little tidbit: I saw that a guy got a LaRussa auto back after 12 days that he sent out on 4/20/2011. I sent to LaRussa earlier in April and have gotten nothing. So, hopefully mine is in the mail as well.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Jeff Larish 3rd times a charm.

Got Larish returned again. So the first two addresses don't work I will agian have to find a way...I really want this card signed.

Update. Computer has been broke.

So, here is what I have recieved in the past week:

Armando Galarraga Sent out on 4/12/2011 recieved on 4/20/2011!

Then Johnny Damon on 4/23/2011  sent out on 4/11/2011!

Then to top it all of DON ZIMMER! Recieved today sent out on 4/18/2011

Meanwhile I have sent out cards of:

On 4/18/2011;
Brady Anderson
Evan Longoria
Ryan Raburn
Jacoby Ellsbury
Dustin Pedroia
Brandon Inge
Josh Outman
Wade LeBlanc
Don Kelly
Rick Ankiel
Don Zimmer
Joe Carter
Its been a great first month and its not over yet.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

4/12/2011 Jeff Larish RTS

My Jeff Larish letter got returned to sender stating unable to forward. So I'm going to have to track him down somehow.

Monday, April 11, 2011

4/12/2011 Threw a bunch in the box after mail was collected.

Nolan Ryan got me pumped so I put together a couple more. Here's what I sent out:
Bartolo Colon - Pinnacle Rookie Card, letter, SASE
BJ Upton - 2 Cards, letter, SASE
Brian Bogusevic - Rookie Card, letter, SASE
Dexter Fowler - Rookie Card, letter, SASE
Hank Conger - Rookie Card, letter, SASE
Lou Marson - Allen and Ginter, letter, SASE
Mark Reynolds - Allen and Ginter Rookie Card, letter, SASE
Matt Antonelli - Rookie Card, letter, SASE
Michael Young - Card, letter, SASE
Ryan Langerhans - Card, letter, SASE
Todd Helton - Card, letter SASE
Ramon Santiago - Rookie Card, letter, SASE
Armando Galarraga - Rookie Card, letter, SASE

Got my first one back today!!! NOLAN RYAN semi-fail.

Nolan Ryan sent me my card back unsigned and a small photograph with what looks like an auto-pen signature on it. Better than nothing though, Nolan Ryan is awesome!
Sent out on 4/4/2011 and received on 4/11/2011!

4/11/2011 Sent out another set today.

Today I hit the post office again and got 3 sheets of Negro League Baseball Stamps. I'm hoping those are lucky. Here are the ones I sent today:

Johnny Damon - UD Rookie Card, letter, SASE
Paul Konerko - Topps Gallery Card, letter, SASE
Tony LaRussa - Allen and Ginter Card, letter, SASE
Jim Leyland - Topps Card, letter, SASE
Daniel Schlereth - Card with Ryan Perry on it that Perry already signed at Tigerfest, letter, SASE
Will Rhymes - Rookie Card, letter, SASE
Rick Nash (NHL)- Card, letter, SASE
Phil Jackson (NBA)- Card, letter, SASE
Jason Richardson (NBA)- Card, letter, SASE

Haven't received anything yet but it has only been a week.

4/4/2011 My first ones sent out.

Today I sent out my first set of cards for autographs. Here is what I sent out:

Adam Wainwright - 2006 Fleer Rookie Card, letter, SASE.
Andrew Bailey - Allen and Ginter Rookie Card, letter, SASE
Daisuke Matsuzaka - Allen and Ginter Card, letter, SASE
Elvis Andrus - Allen and Ginter Rookie Card, letter, SASE
Jason Varitek - Fleer Card, letter, SASE
Jeff Larish - UD Rookie Card, letter, SASE
Jim Thome - Allen and Ginter Card, letter, SASE
Nolan Ryan - Studio '91 Card, letter, SASE
Omar Vizquel - Cracker Jack Card, letter, SASE
Prince Fielder - Turkey Red Card, letter, SASE

We'll see what I get back...