Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Pump the Breaks! More Tips for Success and Forget the Razz



#1 Best Tip for Successful Breaks

Lets start with the positive: www.breakninja.com is the best site I have found to help me decide what breaks to enter and how much to bid. The site has so much information on each set its crazy. This is the site I used to first verify the amount of JaCoby Jones in the Chronicles set started buying into breaks. I think the site even has some kind of ebay affiliation to help you find deals or something. I haven't investigated that yet. I have used this site for every sport too, not just baseball.

First off, this information helps you figure out how many cards the break will see and from there a little math and guestimation can help you figure out your chances on certain players/teams/hits.
Next hit shows lists like this that can be helpful in team breaks.
Then clickable links for each team along with a numeric breakdown.
This is a sample of the team list of hits.


Case Break Blunders

#1. -WARNING- There will be quite a bit of profanity in this post. Not because I enjoy it but I need to be very clear and quote exactly what I heard tonight so no one is misrepresented. This post is not an attack on this breaker, he has his own style and it must work for him. I am just presenting my experience so nobody has to have the same experience if they would rather not.

Tonight (01/12/2018) my brother and I felt the need to join a break. We found a player break offered on ebay by seller Rainwhiskerr for Chronicles Baseball. This person is known as Boomo or Boomo99 on youtube.
Somehow I was outbid on JaCoby Jones as it went for $20.50 plus $4 shipping. I can tell you that is about what the Jones 1/1 from the set is worth. Someone is out of their mind. It made me a little happy inside when one common relic came up of his and that was it. Anyway, I bought 7 players;

Jake Thompson .99
John Farrell 3.24
Miguel Sano 1.79
Mike Moustakas .99
Ian Kinsler .99
Jeff Hoffman .99
Joe Torre 1.26
PLUS $4.00 shipping.

Overall, a great deal. Still cheaper than a retail blaster of this product. From many previous breaks of this product; I know John Farrell will have at least one hit in the case and the others were long shots but would pay great dividends if I hit. Gambling is what it is, but its fun especially when my brother bought 5 players and we watch together.
I was not familiar with the breaker and soon learned I should have listened to my own tips I posted in an earlier post and researched him. In my opinion this guy sucked. I hate talking bad about anybody but considering the guy talked crap about other breakers openly during the break I think its necessary to warn any of you. He probably only appeals to a small group of young, immature people.
The break itself was set up bad. In the beginning you couldn't see where the cards were coming from and he had a big tv playing god only knows what show behind each card he showed. He only showed hits and for 0.000001 seconds at a time. It was impossible to try to listen for 7 players. My fault maybe, but he decided to bless this world with his only talent which was turning players names into dirty words whenever possible as if he was 13 years old. Mind you; he is well over 40. Examples of his crude immaturity included: "Gay Mancini" "Anthony Jizzo" Alex Gayest" gay seems to be a theme in his jokes "Mike Shit" "Dan Vogelfuck" "Carlos Cogaya" "Jorge Bonofacial" "Drelson I will never amount to shit Lamet" the list goes on and on. He was offensive throughout the broadcast including drinking a beer and belching into the mic and saying "I think I lost some pounds on that one." Now, I know there are no qualifications needed to be on youtube or to be a breaker but I really wish I would have researched. I am not against drinking, I probably would if I was a breaker too as well as swearing a little. This was over the top. I told my brother when there were 3 boxes left I was so relieved it was almost over; thats how bad it was. I kept expecting his mom to drop into the shot sometime with a snack for him.
Overall, this dude definitely is not my style and probably reminded me too much of my immature disgusting brother in law so I am a bit biased but everything I have typed is correct to my personal experience tonight.

#2. My other break blunder came earlier this month when I received my lone card from a break unprotected in a 8x10 bubble mailer with a team bag and top loader tossed in. I posted about it the day it happened. I can understand these things happening, especially if multiple hands help out on the project. It does leave a bad taste in my mouth for entering another break with 702_Breakers on ebay. I guess I'm lucky I didn't pull a 1/1?

Forget the Razz; SOLD

I lucked into a Razz being promoted on one of my Tigers Collectors Facebook groups that had three sweet JaCoby Jones cards going for 10 spots at $2. These cards are worth way more than $20 so I ended up grabbing all ten and buying the lot out straight up. I couldn't pass up on these for that price. This seller is still in the caveman days of taping everything in skotch and box tape. It kills me. Oh well. At this point if anybody has a better JJ collection than me they have a lock of chest hair in it.
/3 Baby! Love it.

I am not tech-savvy enough to take a decent picture of Clearly Authentics yet. Sorry.

/25 makes this card a sweet deal.

Merry Off-Season to Everyone!

Your package may differ.

I have been building up a big ole pile of packages to be sent out to all of you out there. The time between Christmas and Spring Training can suck, so I decided to throw some cardboard at y'all to keep you awake. I let the cards decide who was getting a package with what was laying around and some will get PWE, some Bubblers, and a few priority boxes. Again, not playing favorites its just whatever amount of cards was sitting around for your PC's or teams. Hope your packages all find you well but don't get too excited they aren't going to pay for retirement. If you don't get one right away don't fret, it may take me until May to send all these things out. And no reciprocation needed, enjoy. Merry Off-Season.


  1. 1. That Immaculate patch is sweet!
    2. Because I've been reading the Blowoutcards forums for a few years now I'm very familiar with "Boomo" (though I've never done a break through him or anyone else). While I don't think he was necessarily doing anything sketchy, his videos proved how unbelievably obnoxious and unhinged he was. That made me search for him on Blowout and find this video (turn down your volume big time, fair warning): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abSdpSuCYV8

  2. I really enjoy reading about your break experiences/tips. The Rainwhiskerr breaker sounds like a real ass. I will avoid at all costs. BTW, I think you meant breakninja.com and not breakerninja.com

  3. I think I did three breaks from "Boomo" and he got progressively worse throughout the summer. I'm a big Dan Vogelbach guy, so when he called him what he did (see above), that was the last straw for me. I teach adolescents for a living, but even I can only handle so much immaturity... don't even get me started on the profanity. Ugh.
    On a more cheery note, thanks for introducing me to BreakerNinja! As a numbers guy who enjoys breaks this website is going to be awesome!

    1. The site is breakninja.com not breaker. Sorry. It really is the most helpful tool I have found.

  4. Well that's quite the experience. Thanks for sharing though...it's an area of the hobby I don't participate in, so I appreciate hearing about your experiences, even if they aren't great. Hopefully you have better luck next time.