Monday, January 8, 2018

Puzzled, What's in Papa Jack's Box?

I don't have down time. Nobody does, at least nobody should. The world is just too busy these days. Even with the monotony of everyday life I was able to work on a couple small projects. Papa Jack dropped a load of junk wax long ago and again repeatedly through the last months and I found some treasures within the treasure. I always told myself someday I would put together a puzzle set from one of the 80's card sets. Well there is no time like the present. Especially when the pieces arrive bundled together begging to be assembled.

I wish I could say I relaxed by a fire on a cold night with a hot cocoa and enjoyed building these puzzles. They were actually not that easy. The pieces do not match up all that well and each puzzle had 6 of every piece except for one it seemed. Anyway, I was able to build three puzzles and am currently look for pieces for the DiMaggio and other puzzles.

I have enough pieces left over of each to make probably at least 3 more puzzles of every one. If anyone wants a fulls set hit me up.

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  1. I always enjoyed the Donruss puzzles. I wish Panini would bring them back...