Tuesday, January 7, 2020

I am an Idiot; Ebay Quid Pro Quos and Such

Long story short; I won a Corbin Martin Chrome RC /250 for 99 cents on ebay. I recieved the base Corbin RC along with another Astros player card. I checked the seller's feedback and there were a lot of complaints so I assumed they knew exactly what they were doing and just scammed me from the correct card. So, I left negative feedback.
I then received a message from them saying something like; "Sorry, Why didn't you message me?" I didn't even bother writing back. I've dealt with a lot of scum on ebay so just figured it was done.
Then, a few days later, the bubble mailer pictured above showed up at my door. The guy sent the right card, paid for bubbler shipping, refunded my 99 cents and apologized. I was the scum on this one. Connington72 is a great seller who made an honest mistake.
I learned some lessons on this one!

Friday, January 3, 2020

Too Many Goodies from Dennis

Bloggers are a different breed. Seems lately I have my Tweeps I trade with on Twitter that are okay, my favorite Trading Card Database swappers I exchange cards and pleasantries with, and then there are the handful of Bloggers I call my friends. Bloggers share that passionate generosity where we feel  thrilling excitement for other people's reactions of what we send to them almost more than when we open cards for ourselves. Dennis from Too Many Verlanders is my closest blogger friend and the most generous person I swap cards with. This dude is always looking out for me in every box of cards he peeks through. He gets me JaCoby Jones and Nolan cards often. Very often. But, even more incredible is the deep cuts he hits into my PC. I can barely remember who I collect. I swear Dennis knows what I collect better than me. Check out this package I got from him pre-Xmas that my lazy ass is just now getting into posting.

JJ and Nolan Scribbles. 

Might have to ask Gibby to start taking my pics for me, jeesh.

How would he even think of me for that Salty? I love it!

Vizquel Blue Jays....mind blown.

Hockey too!

God, these pics are terrible. That Tony Phillips is a work of art. 

He even dipped into some hoops for me!
I couldn't even list and show all the cards he gave me. Last week I forced him to drive to me to meet up with Chuck (C2Cigars) from Trading Card Database. It was a good time but the show was crazy busy for the first time ever. Its always fun to catch up with people in person that you've only interacted with online. Chuck was great and even gave us some cards. I was at least able to give Dennis my less than stellar box of cards I am always building for him. Not being a college sports guy at all, I really owe him something big for his PC very soon. Dennis is the man. I would recommend becoming his friend. He sent out like two dozen packages just like this right before Christmas. Like a Blogger Santa. Santa Blogs? I donno. Thank you Dennis!