Monday, April 25, 2011

Jeff Larish 3rd times a charm.

Got Larish returned again. So the first two addresses don't work I will agian have to find a way...I really want this card signed.

Update. Computer has been broke.

So, here is what I have recieved in the past week:

Armando Galarraga Sent out on 4/12/2011 recieved on 4/20/2011!

Then Johnny Damon on 4/23/2011  sent out on 4/11/2011!

Then to top it all of DON ZIMMER! Recieved today sent out on 4/18/2011

Meanwhile I have sent out cards of:

On 4/18/2011;
Brady Anderson
Evan Longoria
Ryan Raburn
Jacoby Ellsbury
Dustin Pedroia
Brandon Inge
Josh Outman
Wade LeBlanc
Don Kelly
Rick Ankiel
Don Zimmer
Joe Carter
Its been a great first month and its not over yet.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

4/12/2011 Jeff Larish RTS

My Jeff Larish letter got returned to sender stating unable to forward. So I'm going to have to track him down somehow.

Monday, April 11, 2011

4/12/2011 Threw a bunch in the box after mail was collected.

Nolan Ryan got me pumped so I put together a couple more. Here's what I sent out:
Bartolo Colon - Pinnacle Rookie Card, letter, SASE
BJ Upton - 2 Cards, letter, SASE
Brian Bogusevic - Rookie Card, letter, SASE
Dexter Fowler - Rookie Card, letter, SASE
Hank Conger - Rookie Card, letter, SASE
Lou Marson - Allen and Ginter, letter, SASE
Mark Reynolds - Allen and Ginter Rookie Card, letter, SASE
Matt Antonelli - Rookie Card, letter, SASE
Michael Young - Card, letter, SASE
Ryan Langerhans - Card, letter, SASE
Todd Helton - Card, letter SASE
Ramon Santiago - Rookie Card, letter, SASE
Armando Galarraga - Rookie Card, letter, SASE

Got my first one back today!!! NOLAN RYAN semi-fail.

Nolan Ryan sent me my card back unsigned and a small photograph with what looks like an auto-pen signature on it. Better than nothing though, Nolan Ryan is awesome!
Sent out on 4/4/2011 and received on 4/11/2011!

4/11/2011 Sent out another set today.

Today I hit the post office again and got 3 sheets of Negro League Baseball Stamps. I'm hoping those are lucky. Here are the ones I sent today:

Johnny Damon - UD Rookie Card, letter, SASE
Paul Konerko - Topps Gallery Card, letter, SASE
Tony LaRussa - Allen and Ginter Card, letter, SASE
Jim Leyland - Topps Card, letter, SASE
Daniel Schlereth - Card with Ryan Perry on it that Perry already signed at Tigerfest, letter, SASE
Will Rhymes - Rookie Card, letter, SASE
Rick Nash (NHL)- Card, letter, SASE
Phil Jackson (NBA)- Card, letter, SASE
Jason Richardson (NBA)- Card, letter, SASE

Haven't received anything yet but it has only been a week.

4/4/2011 My first ones sent out.

Today I sent out my first set of cards for autographs. Here is what I sent out:

Adam Wainwright - 2006 Fleer Rookie Card, letter, SASE.
Andrew Bailey - Allen and Ginter Rookie Card, letter, SASE
Daisuke Matsuzaka - Allen and Ginter Card, letter, SASE
Elvis Andrus - Allen and Ginter Rookie Card, letter, SASE
Jason Varitek - Fleer Card, letter, SASE
Jeff Larish - UD Rookie Card, letter, SASE
Jim Thome - Allen and Ginter Card, letter, SASE
Nolan Ryan - Studio '91 Card, letter, SASE
Omar Vizquel - Cracker Jack Card, letter, SASE
Prince Fielder - Turkey Red Card, letter, SASE

We'll see what I get back...