Friday, March 29, 2019

BIG POST: Too Many Verlanders, Not Enough Card Shows

BASEBALL IS BACK! and so is Lauren. 😎


I am so lucky to reside in Michigan, home to the best card bloggers on Earth. Dennis from Too Many Verlanders  is one of my favorite bloggers and all around awesome guy. He must ask me to meet him at card shows 30 times for every one time I am able to go. Lucky for me, he still asks and we were able to meet up at my local show. As usual he brought me a big bag of goodies, including (above) this Nolan Ryan fascimile auto baseball for Nolan. As usual I owe Dennis a ton of better cards and need to venture into finding him some non-card goodies too. He brought me a Canseco SLU and a stack of cards including a ton of Thome #'ed cards, Tigers, everything I like.

This is my card show haul and stuff from Dennis. It was a great day. Always a good time when I get to hang out with other bloggers. Not sure if I even qualify as a blogger being that I post so rarely nowadays. A closer look below. Now Dennis is the kind of guy that searches a dollar box while you search a nickel box and says "I can't find anything else in here. Find a couple cards you want so I can get the deal." Who does that? Crazy generous. Sorry Dennis if your inbox gets flooded with card show invitations.


This is my first wallet card. Dennis saw me find it in a dime box at the show. It deserved some attention. 


My wife bought me tickets and hotel accommodations for me and my brother to go to the National this year! I get overwhelmed in the little card shows I go to locally. My head is going to spin for a long time at this one. Now to sell everything I own for spending $! 

HOF TTM Returns!

Great Pull

I dabble in all cards. I pulled this Collin Sexton auto from a Target 3 pack hanger. If you look on the back and sides of the card you can see some random sharpie marks from when he was signing them. I don't think I have ever seen that before. Just my luck it probably makes it worth less money instead of being the high dollar ebay 1 of 1. 

The other strange thing I had happen was buying a hanger pack of Topps Opening Day from Meijer which states 3 exclusive cards inside. Mine only came with 1 purple inside instead of 3. Anybody else have this issue? It was a Touki RC so I am not super upset. 

Topps Home Run Challenge Time!

This picture is from a TCDB trade. I only traded for the 4 Home Run Challenge cards but the dude sent all this! I have Bryce Harper for my first code uploaded hitting a home run tomorrow (03/30/2019). Wish me luck. I have close to 20 of these challenge cards right now and am working on getting more. I love them. I finally got my hands on an Ichiro RC through a TCDB trade too!


I see guys finding cards at thrift stores on Twitter all the time. I rarely find anything and probably look at the 4 shops on the way to my son's school once a week. I did find this bobble the other day though. If anyone needs it hit me up. 


This is NOT how you package a single card.

 Kudos to the Tigers broadcast team for jinxing J-Zimm.

Fail goes to the guy who put this card I found in his quarter box last year. Just sold it on ebay for 100X that.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Detroit Red Wings VS Montreal Canadiens 02/26/2019

I got lucky again and won a ticket giveaway via the Detroit Red Wings twitter account. I have been dying to see the inside of the new(ish) Little Caesars Arena and 4 lower bowl tickets and free parking made it happen. Here are some random pics from the night. The Wings lost pretty badly but I was blown away by the new arena and it's capabilities.

Madison Bowey's first game as a Wing!

Detroit's own Danny DeKeyser!

Been a Weber fan since his record breaking blast in the NHL skills competition fastest shot.

I was hoping Zadina would light the lamp for his first career goal but that would come a few days later. 

They gave away Niklas Kronwall bobbleheads. It was one per person no matter how many tickets you had. Sorry my fellow Red Wing fans. I had an extra ticket I couldn't fill but they wouldn't give me an extra bobble to give away.