Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Phil me up! Nice Ebay Lot

I noticed I had been spending too much of my endless free time on cards. Shopping ebay, twitter, and facebook for deals. I had to drain my paypal to make sure I would put my phone down more. So, I bought a sweet lot from ebay for about $15 shipped. It had a ton of relics and big name rookies. It shipped in ziploc bags which I was not thrilled about but only the Pete Alonso canvas sticker had any obvious damage. I got 5 big PC cards in the lot.

At first I thought he was sitting. 1988 Score #555. BOOM!


Love how shiny these are. The lot had a Luis Urias RC of these too.

I don't PC Riley but I am keeping a handful of his cards. I enjoyed his hot streak last year.
Corner damage, ugh.

Really, really big team bags.