1978 Detroit Tiger Rookie Project

I am attempting to get each of the big 4 1978 Rookie Tigers to auto a RC for me. I will update as I move closer to completion.

09/07/2017 : Just need Trammell

It is so cool when retired players sign TTM. I get why they wouldn't and I imagine once it gets out that someone does their mailbox gets overloaded with TTM auto junkies who want everybody. I pick and choose who I send to very carefully, the cards are meaningful to me and I enjoy getting them back more than some guy I don't care for just because he signs. I sent this Parrish card to the minor league team Lance manages and it came back signed within days. 

08/10/2017:Still need Parrish and Trammell

I've got a wall plaque in the works. I'm going to adhere some clean card holders that are all the same. I am going to reshape the wood to look more like a bat and then stain it again a little darker. Near the handle I am going to write '78 Rookies in a white script.

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