Thursday, April 19, 2018

One Million Cubs?! & LOTS of Recent Additions

 I Am Alive

Well, its my turn to have the "Blogging Yips" where I can't get myself to sit down and post or find the time to. Unfortunately, my hobby activity is probably at an all time high right now and I have too much to post about and can't; or won't. I am not sure which. This post will be blog-vomit but enjoy the pics.
I have succumb to twitter trading. It seems I am always one step behind. As soon as I got this blog back up and running and found and friended other bloggers for trades it seemed they all started trading via twitter and trading via blogger went stale. I finally have made the jump to posting and looking for cards on twitter and that is one reason this blog has been a ghost town. The other reason is that I have a good grasp on how The Trading Card Database works now and have completed 2 trades and have 5 processing right now. I love it. I will have a post coming up soon on tips for getting more trade offers on there.



WARNING: @onemillioncubs Is Hoarding Shawon Dunston Cards

@onemillioncubs is owned/operated by Beau Thompson and has a website ( and I am sure you can guess his collecting goal by the name. I had been watching his twitter from the shadows for a long time and finally reached out to him for a trade. We swapped 650 Cubs for 650 Tigers. It was a great trade for both of us. I recommend trading with Beau if you have a bunch of team sorted junk wax sitting around. Its for a good cause and I got a lot of great cards not just team set fillers.

Beau threw in a /299 Verlander and the Kaline variation from 2018 Donruss.


I had enough Ebay bucks to get this sweet Omar Vizquel Detroit card for half price. See it in all it's glory below:

Speaking of Vizquel

I paid my favorite Ebay breaker a visit and bought into a 4 case player break of 2018 Topps Tribute for Omar Vizquel and Michael Fulmer and then a 4 case player break of 2018 Diamond Kings for Jacoby Jones. I have come a long way from a junk wax collector in a very short time. Never dreamed I would be holding cards like this. Here is the haul:


The Trading Card Database has been my best friend lately. pjdionne12 is my profile if you want to browse my stuff or be friends.

Courtesy user name:  alanschwarz



Via Kenneth Kizzer on Facebook:

Via Collin J Rae on Facebook:

Via @connorkelly4222 twitter:

 VIA Wallgreens and Rite Aid $5 boxes"

Pretty sweet "game used" relic /150 shows Angels, says Red Sox

Via Ebay:

Via TTM:

Via Target box:

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Night of the Living Set: Your PC Is Dead

  First off...


What makes this card a $449.99 card and the other more than an okay used car? Just experimenting to see how much an idiot will pay?

Moving on...



Your PC killed your PC.

This is my narrow minded rambling mess of thoughts on player collections, the current hobby climate, Topps overproduction and TOPPS LIVING SET, and what the future will bring. I haven't sat down to write in this style for a long time so I apologize if it is straight up, unreadable garbage.

We now live in a futuristic age of print at will and name your price cards monopolized by Topps. The company has handcuffed the player collector by spitting out too many sets, ridiculous amounts of 1/1 cards, and exploiting set collectors with "living" sets. We the sheep, purchase all this crap because they have us by the heart strings. They make us believe if I don't have this card of my favorite player then I am not a real fan. I can't place all the blame on money hungry Topps. A pack of this year's Donruss set contains more variations and inserts than base cards. Things are a bit out of control.

Who do you PC?

Was having a complete PC of a player, meaning one of every card made, ever really a goal? Probably before my time and up until the early 1990's you could have a real possibility of completing a player collection. Soon though, if you lived and collected long enough the emergence of the dreaded printing plate 1/1's and online exclusive cards would have exhausted you to death. If you look at The Trading Card Database and search these players here is the allotted search pages each containing up to 50 listed cards for that year. Again, 1 page is up to 50 individual listed cards.

Nolan Ryan 
1977 - 1 page
1987 - 1 page
1997 - 1 page
2007 - 9 pages
2017 - 12 pages

Roger Clemens
1987 - 3 pages
1997 - 5 pages
2007 - 60 pages
2017 - 9 pages

Mickey Mantle
1957 - 1 page
1967 - 1 page
1977 - 1 page
1987 - 1 page
DIED 1995
1997 - 3 pages
2007 - 112 pages (Topps did his career homerun cards)
2017 - 5 pages

"So what does this have to do with anything? Whats your frickin' point?" you may ask. There are lots of takeaways from these stats both positive and negative. Here is my view.

The positives? Baseball is alive in and of itself and will live on forever. Mantle quit in '68 and died in '95 and yet decades later he is still honored and celebrated in hundreds of baseball cards. That is a great testament to the resilient, timeless magic of baseball. Watching a game is exciting but as soon as the last out is made some of it gets filed away our nostalgia folders in our hearts and brains. That is why the sports thrives.
In some ways a positive is you can never get bored or have nothing else to collect as a PC collector.  New Nolan Ryan cards will still be produced 100 years from now. I think that is a good thing?

The negative aspects of this? Complete player collections are dead. Maybe they always have been and the hunt is more important than the trophy but that is a rabbit hole I am not going down today.  It is the card company's ability to access our brain and heart nostalgia folders to get to our wallets that gives me card rage. I like the idea of the "Living Set" from Topps in that they are trying something new. I am sure the person who came up with the idea got a standing ovation in that meeting. BUT, isn't that what Topps Now is supposed to be? When I go to the Topps website I get overwhelmed with all these different cards that they print at will and charge whatever they want for them. I feel taken advantage of. I am kind of old school and set in my ways. An old man already in my mid-thirties. I think it is great the card companies are moving forward and always looking for new ideas. I just wish those ideas weren't $10+ cards with a time limit. Also, if this Living Set is supposed to encompass all of baseball past, present, and future; will the style change from the 1953 one they are using now? Why start with Aaron Judge as the first card?! When he becomes a flash in the pan will they regret doing so? You cannot convince me it was a random decision simply by making Panik and Castellanos the next two cards. You know what you did Topps. Drop the charade and just make an all Judge set already.
Judge being the first card put a bad taste in my mouth for the set and made it all seem too novelty for my liking. Then they produced a Tiger player for the third card. Probably making up for the disgusting lack of Detroit players represented in every set this year. Look at the Gypsy Queen checklist. Just do it. All base players with no inserts for Tigers players. Not even one. They included Anibal effing Sanchez as a Tiger in the set. WTF. Anyway, I bought the 3 pack of the first production of the Living Set out of curiosity and the chance that the Judge will get me my money back. Yes, I am a hypocritic and a sucker.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Although I believe we are living in Junk Era 2.0, I do see some great things in the future. A lot of artistic baseball card fans are going rogue and creating stunning cards of their own. I am sure many of you have seen theses "sketch cards" and "art cards" out there. From some small companies forming (Gyspy Oak) to artists doodling cards up for their friends. I think the future is bright for out of nowhere card sets that won't compete with Topps/Donruss/Upper Deck but also won't need to. Right now many sketch artists are following Topps in its corrupt exploitation of rare cards by making countless 1/1 cards to make a quick buck. More power to them, the more 1/1's that float around this earth the less value we will place on them. I do think these talented card producing vigilantes will hold a big place in the hobby in the near future.

Time to Panik! Yeah, I'm a Sucker...

I bought the first round of Topps Living cards out of curiosity and because it included Nick Castellanos. The price sucked, buying a Judge card SUCKED, and they took forever to get to me. The case they are in is smashed on the top even though the box they came in is pristine and was bubble wrapped. That tells me the damage happened before packaging and they still sent it to me. The Joe Panik card is scratched on the face of it even though it was sandwiched by the other two cards. So overall, I was not in the right mindset to be impressed in the first place but was even more disappointed when they finally showed up.

That took a heavy shot.

The white spot on his jaw is a chunk missing from the face of the card. Come on Topps! This is why I buy second hand and NOTHING straight from the company.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

I Am NOT A Set Builder, Opening Day, New Stuff From Different Sources

1987 Topps

When the Tiger's opener was rained out the first day I decided to sit down and build a set. This is my first time ever really trying to put together a set by hand. Back in 2006 I collected a lot of Topps in order to make a set but never did. I AM NOT A SET BUILDER. I do not have the stamina for it, physically or mentally. I texted Papa Jack to show him I was building a set like he used to. Ten minutes later I texted him that my back and arms were killing me and he texted back "Wussy."
I still haven't completed the build and even though I have thousands of these cards I am still missing random singles here and there. Something to look forward to hunting down and card shows I guess. I don't see myself ever hand collating another set. Ever.

I posted on Twitter but will reiterate here: Has anyone ever tried, or heard of anyone who has tried putting together an all gum stain set? I have lots I can help out with if someone is brave or bored enough!



Opening Day

I took Nolan to his first opening day. It was cold. I had the best seats I have ever had for an opener right behind the left field pole. It was still a little far for a 3 year old to appreciate the game. He had a blast on the carousel and the fireworks and fly over for the national anthem was his favorite part. First pitch was 1:10pm, we were home by 2:10pm. Still was a great day. The game itself went extras and the Tigers finally coughed it up. Gardy got thrown out arguing, no doubt trying to win over some fans since they won't win games. MLB came out and said the overturned call via replay that cost the Tigers the game was overturned in error. I don't know why they would admit that let alone announce it. How does that happen after watching a play over and over for ten minutes?! Then you overturn it?! Such an error at most jobs I know of would cost the person their employment. I hope heads rolled for this but I doubt it since it wasn't a Yankees game.
Some new things at Comerica Park I noticed:
1. Shot Clock - They ran a 25 second clock for pitches but I don't think any umpire or anyone else ever looked at it. It didn't even start/end at the correct times.
2. MVR- Mound visits remaining. I had no idea what it was on the pitching stats board. I thought it was some kind of movement measurement for pitch break. I was like "that curveball registered a MVR of 6?"
3. Screens!- Good lord the game has been ruined. Guys all wearing helmets from midieval times is one thing but the screens have to go. You can't get signatures before games other than a 10 foot space at the beginning of the dug out by the backstop that you know was smothered with fat ass "rackers" who won't let anybody else in. The worst part is I usually buy really good tickets for one game a season to take pictures. The netting ruins that. They should have just made a no kids section and had people sign an "I won't be an idiot on my phone / sit here at own risk" wavers for those sections. The netting sucks so bad I don't know if I will attend another game. I might as well watch from home instead of through nylon.

Repping the Tigs for Easter!

'Twas cold!

Our view.

Trying to keep him awake on the ride home. He probably walked 30 miles in 3 year old steps.

 New Stuff

I finally received a trade offer on The Trading Card Database. It was nothing big but I needed to get one under my belt to figure out how it works. Luckily, Akenyon1 is a veteran of trading on the site and we swapped some junk. I got his cards today PWE and I sent mine bubble mailer just because I added a little extra to the package and wouldn't you know its stuck in USPS land and his came right to me. Well, thank goodness I stepped up the shipping so we can at least watch it bounce around via tracking. Here are the two cards I got from him today:

I thought this Thames card looked sweet.

Best provision card ever.

Here are some other recent pick ups:




/10000 Been wanting this one for a loooonnnnnggggg time!

/30 I've never seen another one of these.

Who? I got this card through a case break my brother and I went halfsies on for 2018 Gypsy Queen buying the Tigers. For one case we ended up with 5 full team sets, a few extras, and a Jordan Zimmermann no team variation card. The breaker Jaggbreaks threw in this McVaney card luckily so we could flip a coin for who got what hit.

This is not a mistake double pic. I hopped into another Hobby Legends 2 case 2018 Donruss player break and only bought JJ. It netted me one card that I had already bought secondhand.Still looking for the numbered version.

Randomly on facebook some chick who lives by me posted two uncut sheets of cards for $15. I jumped on it and brought these babies home. Tramm and Ryno looking good on the first sheet.

Tony Gwynn hanging out on the second sheet. I haven't opened them up fully yet.