Sunday, May 20, 2018

What a Generous Dimwit & Card Show/Trade Pics

The Daily Dimwit. Click it or write that down. I repeat: The Daily Dimwit; is one of the first blogs I found when I got back into blogging. He is also responsible for my first blog-to-blog trade I believe and partially responsible for my addiction to breaks. Enough background, he is GIVING AWAY a little piece of history glued between some cardboard in a contest on his blog. Ending soon, get on it! Glad to have you back on the blog scene Dimwit!



 A Picture Purge of Recent Cards

Not pictured is the five complete sets (2 factory sealed) I bought for $10 total. They were 2 1986 Topps, 1992 Topps, 1991 Donruss, and 1989 Topps. I can't pass up complete sets over 20 years old for $2. Even if I already own half of them.
I have been busy, busy, busy with trades on Trading Card Database. Find me on there pjdionne12. I am probably going to drop my trade bait tab on this site since it never brought me any trades and commit to uploading all my trade bait on TCDB. I believe you can browse my cards on there even without being a member so feel free to look on there for stuff and email me or comment me here.
The following cards were from trades, a card show, and a few ebay pick ups sprinkled in.


These are really cool 1980 5X7 cards. The box wasn't sealed so I peeked in and saw Nolan Ryan staring back at me. For $2 for the box, why not?

I also bought a box of 1994 Collector's Choice Jumbo packs for $7. It was factory sealed and I thought about sitting on it but couldn't hold back. Probably for the better as the cards were begginning to get the sticky-ickies to each other. I will probably do a whole post about this break as it is an underappreciated set.

They don't make packs this pretty anymore.

I grabbed 4 One-Touches to move forward with my 1978 Rookies Project. Another tab I either need to update or delete.
My favorite seller at this show changed his dollar boxes to quarter boxes to move a bunch of product before the National. I wish I would have found that first and had more $ to burn. There was probably 12 five row boxes all toploaded cards. Keep in mind this stuff sat in a dollar box forever so the loaders are barely clear enough to see the cards on some. Here is what I pulled for 25 cents a pop:

Who great lefties on one great card!

#'ed Kerry Wood


Joba /99

Local guy Gold

Hunter /400



Casty RC's for a quarter? These cards are $1 each on every other table.


The only thing I will remember Iglesias for after he is traded next month

#'ed Thome. The White Sox card is from TCDB

Sell your Bichette Jr. investment stock now! Anytime I start picking somebody up their career ends fast.

Great RC's!

One of my favorite insert sets of all time.

Trade Bait. Willingham is /399

25 cents!

I got a Giants guy to trade with now

I have bought and sold this card 3 times. I always get them when I find them

Gold Griffeys move fast
All /99



Bowman has been good to me

Really good

I pulled this card without knowing what they were and scratched it. Yes, I am that stupid. I don't know the kid but I hope he sees the majors this year without 15 outfielders going down for the A's. Meanwhile, the Topps website to put in the code for these cards doesn't even work. EFF.

Walgreens has been good to me too.

99 cents on ebay. The picture was terrible and it wasn't listed as an auto. BUT IT IS...