Friday, May 10, 2019

3 Bloggers -VS- A Card Show

If you didn't know; Tiger fans make the best bloggers, trade partners, and overall just the best kinds of people. Somehow the stars aligned allowing for Dennis of Too Many Verlanders fame, John from John's Big League Baseball Blog  and myself to meet at a mid-Michigan card show. It was a short, but sweet visit. As usual, these blogstars brought me each a box of cards. In first name, alphabetical order; here is what Dennis dropped on me. Most of these he brought but some he found at the show while we were there. Plus, he gave me like all his best pulls from his video pack busting last month.

Another Nolan to add to the collection and an auto at that!

Crazy the amount of love I have for this card and Dennis just stumbled upon it in a box at the show. PC forever.

Tiger legends.

A baseball legend to me.

Look at the JV heat! A bunch of RC's included!

The card on the far right is an SP, I know thanks to TCDB.

The Prince.

Yes, that is a relic Dennis pulled in his video. 

Holy Nolans!

Tiger color of all my favorites!

I think that is most of what Dennis gave me. To be honest I was drowning in cardboard after this show so I probably missed a bunch of stuff from both guys. Here is what John graciously brought me. I gave him a measly 3 cards in return, I owe him some cards. I just found a stack of Baldelli cards I had set aside for you John so you can look forward to at least those soon.

These are all full cello packs. I grew up in a Coke family so I love these!

Again, Holy Nolans!

This bum named Nolan too.

I really started collecting seriously in 1992 (serious for an 8 year old) so 1992 Topps will always make me happy.

The best part of 1992 Topps was the stadium pics. This one of Comerica sucks. It doesn't show anything unique about the park but I would love to see a new set with these backs again.

This Sportflic Nolan Ryan is awesome!
 Here are some of the treasures I found at the show:

Still awaiting this guy's screwball in the show. Hope he stays healthy.

Crushing it this year!

Its so funny that these were $1 and up just a summer ago. Now ten cents takes them home.

It pays to know which RC's are short prints each year!

I did not pay $8 and I have Dennis to thank for finding this gem for me.

My streak of finding good Rhys relics for low prices continues. I will be happy I did when he joins the 500 home run club and gets inducted into the HOF.

I feel bad for the Pistons but am excited for the future. Love this guy's game.

Its hard to pass a big chunk of prospect cards from the same set.

Just like the last pic, there is bound to be somebody building this set. Maybe.

Some fine additions to a set I am slowly building.

Cool card.

Here are some other pickups via trades, twitter, and ebay:

First up a twitter giveaway win from @sportcardcollec and also Parts of My Past blog.

A TCDB trade. 

TCDB trade.

Ebay pickups. The Stewart I got for 99 cents! I have been searching for JJ's I don't have now that I am suddenly 2nd on the TCDB ranking of his cards.

The only bowman I have found. Empty box at a Meijer. Seems like a lot of guys are seeing this.
I've also been striking out at Walgreens around me. I've checked 12 stores twice each and not a single pack of 2019 Topps. Two managers I talked to had no idea what I was even talking about. I did see these repack hangers that looked good but I passed.