Sunday, January 28, 2018

Tiger Porn : 2018 Tigerfest Redemption

Tigerfest Redeems Itself

First off, I am curious to see what happens to my page visit count when throwing the word "Porn" into it. Probably nothing but its in Goolge's hands now.

Pics are at the end if you don't want to read the story.

Tigerfest 2018 was terrific for me. It wasn't improved from last year, probably got worse as less people attended but that made no difference in line waits and mass bad attitudes from staff and attendees. Don't get me wrong, the event is still the most unorganized scary mess you will ever see that pisses off at least 75% of its attenders. This year however, luck was on my side and having gone to so many I take it all in stride and leave it all to chance.
The Early Entry passes I scored made the difference. We got in line at 7:30am for the 10am open and had 150 people in front of us. So much for the idea of less people attending this year. One cool thing that happened was Ron Gardenhire, our new manager, showed up in the line and sat down and played cards with some fans and took pics and signed a little. Justin Verlander kind of started that last year and I think it was a nice touch for the new manager to do that for the fans. I found out in line (in Detroit Tigers form) Alan Trammell would not be signing at all at the event. Rumor has it his contract with DC Sports a memorabilia shop around my area wouldn't let him. So the list of guys not attending/not signing not claimed another signature I needed. I can't believe the Tigers would let this happen but nothing should surprise me with this organization anymore. I thought Tram would have to be one of the early entry signers because there were no other big names there. In line my brother and I got the low down on early entry from veterans of the early pass. As you enter you have a choice of left or right. Green ticket or Red ticket. It is very Matrix-y. My brother and I decided we would split up and then get back in line based on who was signing. The guys outside said every year they are able to get back in line and get both signers. They were wrong this year, which sucked for me. My brother chose correctly and got Michael Fulmer for Auto Session 'A' and I got Daniel Norris who is no slouch but I already got his auto this past summer and who's track record did not seem to me to be one of an early entry signer.

We rushed to get back in line and both went left to try to get another Fulmer but by then the "Normies" had been given entry and we got the next batch of signers. On the left was Craig Monroe and Daniel Stumpf. I need C-Mo for my next card project but Stumpf doesn't even have a MLB card out that I can find. Luckily, I had a card of his from the kids day giveaway at the ballpark last year. I told my brother I was going to trade somebody to get into the right line. Jordan Zimmermann was signing on that side. I really wanted Zimm's scribble so I waited for my chance. We got to the very end of the line and I spotted a drunk guy (10am) looking my direction. I worked out a trade with him and got into the Zimm line! My brother wasn't real happy and said I broke etiquette but you have to do what you have to do. The drunk guy got two autos instead of one and as we found out later when he spotted us leaving he met Jordan Zimmermann three other times that day. It all worked out for Auto Session 'B'.
Next, we scrambled to find the downstairs to get into that autograph line because the veterans in the morning line said downstairs always got the bigger names and the line seemed shorter. Well, this year there was no downstairs line. They were wrong, again. The time we wasted moving cost us Auto Session 'C'.
We found a line for Auto Session 'D' upstairs somewhere and got really lucky. Behind the press boxes we got JaCoby Jones! A PC guy! Brandon Inge was in attendance but I wouldn't get to see him. JJ is the next best thing. With Fulmer, Zimm, and Jones my brother and I both agreed our day was made and everything else was icing on the cake.

We found a shorter line on the concourse hoping for Session 'E' after asking 3 unhelpful employees upstairs how to get downstairs with the other hundred or so people frantically stuck out on the overhang with all obvious exits blocked off. We got in line and found out it was Daniel Stumpf and Johnny Barbato and Auto Session 'D' was still going on. Having already gotten Stumpf and having nothing for Barbato to sign we rolled the dice and walked to the back of the line for Auto Session 'E'. While in line Nicholas Castellanos was lead by his handler in error to our auto area. Pitcher Chad Bell was the lone signer for 'E' and had the unfortunate luck of having to sign for reluctant fans. Of course everybody started cheering and chanting and then the young woman found out she brought him to the wrong place so she took him away and everybody booed at being teased with a decent signer. My brother and I got Chad Bell who I jokingly chanted "Chad, Chad, Chad" for as he signed and he laughed and said that wasn't the first time Nick had been brought to one of his tables in error and that happened. He was cool.
We had time for one more auto so we jumped back in the same line for Auto Session 'F'. A security guard who had been monitoring that line all day said Nick Castellanos had not been to that table yet all day. Another person in line said he had only been in that line all day and rattled off all the minor leaguers he had gotten lone autos from and the only session he missed was the only mutli-player table with Brandon Inge, Todd Jones, and Spencer Turnbull. He had still done better than I did the year before but he was having a rough day. We expected the last signer to be someone decent. It was overdue. For some reason there was an hour between Bell leaving and the next signer showing up. People were getting a little rowdy for the unnecessary wait. Some of the Tiger cheer leaders or whatever they are came in and gave away three $10 gas cards. I had never seen giveaways for people in line before. I don't know why they don't do that more to keep spirits up, it cost them $30 to take our attention away from our throbbing knees and hips for 10 minutes. My brother actually won one.

This was the longest line we stood in. The line turns and heads up a three turn ramp just before the little bit of open light you see at the farthest point of the picture. We got free BitBits in line (Miguel Cabrera's candy). I ate them because I was starving, reluctantly. I would have rather seen one media post from him saying "Sorry I couldn't be there" instead of some candy samples.

Finally, the doors open and Nick Castellanos comes through with his entourage holding his son's hand. I knew he was never going to sign for an hour with his kid and family with him. Of course, the idiots in line started cheering and chanting as he walked past the table and booed as he went out the door and got in a car. I was actually surprised he stayed as long as he did. Fulmer was posting thanks for Tigerfest around noon and it was now 3:30. Drew VerHagen came in as the lone last signer. Most people bailed and left. We got Drew and then headed for home as the last lines were shut down early like they always are.



In sharpie because I used a Retail Logo ball instead of OMLB

Overall, our haul was good and we had a good time like always. I get a kick out of all the negative feedback this event gets but it really is just terribly planned. I really don't know why the Tigers even bother at this point with so many upset people every year. I am glad they put it on but if you're a Tiger fan be warned. You are better off paying for private signings than trying to get something signed at the ballpark at this event or a game.


Thursday, January 25, 2018

CONTEST! Emergency Tiger Post

I've never done an emergency post in a moment of rage before but this seems like the best time. 




Of course in true Detroit Tigers fashion, they sold tickets to Tigerfest promoting Miguel Cabrera attending as well as Jose Iglesias. See pic:

NOW, the ball club I am now a former fan of and now root for because of my physical location on this god forsaken globe announced: Cabrera, Igelsias, Victor Martinez, and James McCann will NOT be at their precious money making event #Tigerfest. I know from instagram James McCann just had twins that are still in hospital last time I checked so I figured he would not be there. Victor Martinez stopped caring about baseball around 2011, and I in turn stopped caring about him shortly after so I am not surprised. But, they promoted the event using Iglesias and Cabrera as draws. I have typically given the organization the benefit of the doubt in these cases but this shit has happened too many times. They knew. They are claiming family health reasons for both guys. Maybe some details might sound a little better and ease the blow. I have always felt Iglesias was a cancer in the clubhouse since day one anyway. Miguel Cabrera is on a AAA roster at best as a future HOFer and only Superstar. He can pretty much do whatever he wants and the Tigers have to succumb to his whims.

Of frickin' course, this comes just days before the event and one day after I received early entry passes for the first time ever and posted a joyous knucklehead blog post about how much I was pumped for early entry. The best part is I gave up PC cards for those passes. Cards that should only see the light of day once a year and are kept behind lock and key. My only measly hope for the event now is to get Alan Trammell on the '78 RC to finish my project. I am really disappointed. Its funny, I am trying to compare it to other team's players who if they had a player not in attendance the whole event would be blown but other teams have more than one superstar. Maybe the D'Backs if Goldschmidt baled or Rockies without Arenado attending? I would still love to see Castellanos or Fulmer and a bunch of others but the Early Entry was solely for the purpose of a chance to get Miguel Cabrera's scribble.
I will still have a great time. I'm going with my brother again and we always have fun. If we somehow found a way to enjoy last year, this year will be a blast. I am just sick of the Tigers organization taking advantage of and crapping on the fans. They raised the price of Tigerfest this year and also the prices of season tickets and ticket packages by hundreds of dollars. The product is as bad as its been in nearly 20 years. Come on Tig's!

"EFF the Tigers" CONTEST TIME!

In the wake of all this bullshit I am going to run a contest. Please all government employees know this post and all comments are facetious and there is no danger to any Tiger's players from me and probably not from the commenters. 
Since this awful news I have been creating outlandish revenge plots in my head for the Tigers and Miguel Cabrera. I will list them below but want to hear some of your ideas for crazy revenge plots in the comments. Keep them "un-murdery" and stay on the humorous side if possible please. Again, this is all in fun. I will random all the comments for a Miguel Cabrera prize pack since I don't need any of his crap laying around anymore. I will probably throw in some other stuff that the winner likes too. I may even send stuff to the person(s) with the best comment. Have fun with it. Contest closes Saturday 02/03/2018 at midnight my time so I can read the comments and heal from a most probable shitty Tigerfest on the previous Saturday.

My first ideas to get the ball rolling:

  1. Practice Miguel Cabrera's autograph until I am good enough to pass authenticity. Get an auto pen made of it and start spreading fake Miggy autos around the world until his autograph is worthless.
  2. Start working out and juicing and get back into better shape than my playing days. Get a pitching role with an American League team within the next couple years. Bean Miggy every time he comes up.
  3. Break into his candy factory (BitBits; its real, look it up) and screw up all the orders like Rob Lowe's character in Tommy Boy.
  4. Find and hire a Miggy look alike and take him to Tigerfest to cause pandemonium and shorten the lines for myself.
 Thats just what came to mind right away. I hope I get a few of you to comment some good ones. Good Luck.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Best TTM Return Of All Time! and Some Baseball Stuff.

Talk about a fan for life!

TTM Return That Won't Ever Be Topped!

I have bored all of you with my Pro-Fishing garbage a lot on this blog. Hopefully, at least one person who doesn't follow Bassmasters or FLW thinks its cool and at least one other likes professional fishing too. Anyway, my favorite angler Jacob Wheeler came through TTM for me by signing my pic from last summer and scribbling some ink on a lure he used in that tournament. Talk about game used! I have auto'd game used bats, balls, etc. but this lure is so awesome. I am going to get these to a custom framer to make an awesome display to put up right next to The Express.

Please excuse my white trash paneled basement. Its just a rental until my wife completes residency.

Baseball Stuff as Promised

My brother and I took a trip to the LCS to grab some prospect cards for Tigerfest and he bought 2 packs of Heritage Minors for $4 a piece. I don't know how many boxes this shop goes through but its most likely the same box I pulled the Eloy Jimenez auto from. He handed me one of the packs and boom. I pulled another auto and a numbered card from the same pack...

49/60 I think he spelled Triston wrong. LOL

I've seen pics of players signing cards for sets like this. I can see why their sigs become garbage. Imagine having boxes and hundreds of thousands of cards to sign for hours. Even drawing a smiley face instead of your signature would take forever.

The landscape auto card is not a popular layout but looks really cool and gives the player more room to sign. I wish there were more insert sets like this.

Odds and Ends

For the first time I will be at Tigerfest with Early Entry tickets! I traded a box of Tiger cards, may I didn't want to part with from the PC, to a well known season ticket holder. This guy wears a Tigger Adult Onesie to games through the year. I've seen him on many occasions, hes super cool and a Tiger Super-Fan. I am so excited to get in early and have a chance at at least one decent auto.

I have a rare JaCoby Jones lost in the USPS sea right now. Its been drifting through the Detroit system since January 14. Somehow it shows it made it to Pontiac on the 22nd which means its 1. further away than Detroit is to me and 2. IT PASSED BY MY HOUSE! The USPS around here is very flawed and almost makes me scared to buy anything through the mail. Plus, I'm a TTM auto guy. How many of those were returned but didn't make it to me? Pray for this package for me that it washes up in my mailbox someday.

I've been doing some old-school sorting with my trade cards. I've sent out a bunch of Merry Off-Season packages to some of you and still have a big stack to go. Not grade A stuff but something unexpected to open is always fun. Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

You Know Your "Rebuilding" Isn't Going Well When...

So the Tigers are "rebuilding" BUT; 2018 Topps has released its first checklist and series 1 has ZERO Tiger RC's. One would think a "rebuilding" team would have the most rookies in the set. Just a thought.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Pre-Tigerfest Card Show Haul!

I went to my local card show with $2.75 in my pocket. In my mind I needed one Daz Cameron card for Tigerfest in case he will be there, two if I can afford them. Shame on me for taking a twenty from my wife "just in case" before leaving the house. Lucky for me I did because I ran into some crazy exciting deals.
First, I cannot EVER walk by a nickel box. Dime boxes are plentiful at most shows but nickel boxes hold an even greater magic. That twenty came in handy right away as I spent over $3 at the nickel box alone. I don't usually pick up football, basketball, or hockey but at 5 cents a piece I couldn't help myself. Some big names and cool cards. Plus, my first wrestling cards. Here are some of the gems:

It took facebook a while to identify the top right Tigers player. It is still a toss up between Rob Deer and Dan Gladden.

My first boxing and wrestling cards.

Glittery cards.

Big names


That Kariya is amazine! I didn't know Classic ever made cards that didn't look like they came from the dollar store.

The Stevey Y's were 10 cents.

Andre the Giant was the man! These other guys are pretty sweet too.

The tannest Omar I have ever seen. I was unaware of this error.

Next I wandered into the dimeboxes. The douche selling started packing up during my dig so I bailed. I understand there is an important football game on but it sucked I could only go today and he packed up at 1pm when the show ran until 4pm.

Yelich for the PC!

... and Canseco!

The top three Stars and Stripes are /199. For 10 cents!


20 K's for 10 cents.
Then I hit the motherload! A guy was selling Tigers cards 30 for $1. Unbelievable. I wish I would have seen these boxes first. There was so many amazing cards. I ran out of money without even going through half of what he had. It was heartbreaking walking away from those boxes. So .033333 cents a card! My God! Check this out:

My first Desert Shield! It may be in crap condition but I have one now.

Do I spy the start of a rainbow?

MYSTERY: Why is one Brian Hunter die-cut but not the other?

Serial numbered suckers!

Tiger variations aplenty.

Doubles my Clete Thomas PC

Filled some Inge holes.

Started a Gabe Kapler PC

My first Inaugural Season cards!

Silver Sigs!

Complete team sets GOLD!

GOLD and GOLD WINNERS team sets!

I also picked up some posters to maybe take to Tigerfest, some 25 cent cards, and a Canseco figure.

I had a couple of these when I was a kid we got from the dollar store. I know I had Kirk Gibson.

Another Edmonds to add to the PC stack helped by Julie's last package to me.

I may start a Santa PC

Last but not least, I FINALLY have in my hands this:

My pick for card of the year 2017 is now mine!