Tuesday, January 9, 2018

WORST Mail Day Ever...Try to Top it

This is a very impromptu post that may get posted if I don't break my keyboard with my aggressive typing at the moment. Two ebay orders came today and I am calling out the sellers HARD. Sometimes we have to stick up for the hobby to weed out the idiots who take advantage of us and don't deserve to be part of it.

First and Worst:

Ebay seller jamestieh_4 shipped me 14 cards he sold me. Shipping was free so I expected a PWE. What I didn't expect was the cards to be wrapped in toilet paper stapled on the corners. I am NOT joking, take a look:

I am still in disbelief. He may as well have wiped his ass with it before sending. As you can see by the writing it is possibly a 6 year old kid plus the addresses were very very poorly written with no names and odd placement. If this is your kid; congrats for getting them into cards but keep them off ebay if you can't supervise it. My God.

Second and I said the last was worst but this is a pro breaker

I have done breaks with 702Breaks before but hadn't before my breaker review .  I recently got stupid and bid $13 on a football break with them. I only hit a base card in the break which sucks but that's the chance I take. Today the card showed up. Loose in the bubble mailer was my card, a penny sleeve, and a toploader. ALL SEPARATE. He didn't take the 2 seconds to slide the card into either the sleeve or loader. It was all banging around together in an oversized bubble mailer with nothing else in it. The amount of laziness involved should have been clear to me now looking back at the breaks and not enjoying listening to the vulgar oaf ripping packs apart. This is why I review breakers. To avoid bullshit breakers who suck. I am disappointed I didn't include this breaker in my reviews.

My $13 base card...naked.
Now, I know some will say "it was only a base card" but I spent $13. Many other breakers would send extra stuff for not pulling anything good. That is nice but I don't need that! I just need my purchase to be treated fairly no matter the value. Especially if you do this for a living.




  1. Wow - that is a truly terrible mail day... How could someone feel comfortable attaching their names to either of these bumbling messes??

  2. I have had many poorly packaged items from eBay sellers, but I can at least say that I have never had anything arrive wrapped in toilet paper... that's just gross!

  3. Wow, that's something I hope you'll never have to see again!

  4. Wow, you are right on both accounts. Poorly done. I'd rather have a card with a top loader tapers to all hell than not even having the decency to package it together.

    And the toilet paper...if you're going to wrap cards in TP, might as well use Charmin.

  5. Wow..that's just terrible. I'm amazed the cards arrived in the condition that they did.

  6. MY God you had me laughing so hard - in disbelief! How does anyone get two items like this in the mail at all, and in the same day??? And how does anyone staple toilet paper?? Unreal.