Sunday, January 21, 2018

Pre-Tigerfest Card Show Haul!

I went to my local card show with $2.75 in my pocket. In my mind I needed one Daz Cameron card for Tigerfest in case he will be there, two if I can afford them. Shame on me for taking a twenty from my wife "just in case" before leaving the house. Lucky for me I did because I ran into some crazy exciting deals.
First, I cannot EVER walk by a nickel box. Dime boxes are plentiful at most shows but nickel boxes hold an even greater magic. That twenty came in handy right away as I spent over $3 at the nickel box alone. I don't usually pick up football, basketball, or hockey but at 5 cents a piece I couldn't help myself. Some big names and cool cards. Plus, my first wrestling cards. Here are some of the gems:

It took facebook a while to identify the top right Tigers player. It is still a toss up between Rob Deer and Dan Gladden.

My first boxing and wrestling cards.

Glittery cards.

Big names


That Kariya is amazine! I didn't know Classic ever made cards that didn't look like they came from the dollar store.

The Stevey Y's were 10 cents.

Andre the Giant was the man! These other guys are pretty sweet too.

The tannest Omar I have ever seen. I was unaware of this error.

Next I wandered into the dimeboxes. The douche selling started packing up during my dig so I bailed. I understand there is an important football game on but it sucked I could only go today and he packed up at 1pm when the show ran until 4pm.

Yelich for the PC!

... and Canseco!

The top three Stars and Stripes are /199. For 10 cents!


20 K's for 10 cents.
Then I hit the motherload! A guy was selling Tigers cards 30 for $1. Unbelievable. I wish I would have seen these boxes first. There was so many amazing cards. I ran out of money without even going through half of what he had. It was heartbreaking walking away from those boxes. So .033333 cents a card! My God! Check this out:

My first Desert Shield! It may be in crap condition but I have one now.

Do I spy the start of a rainbow?

MYSTERY: Why is one Brian Hunter die-cut but not the other?

Serial numbered suckers!

Tiger variations aplenty.

Doubles my Clete Thomas PC

Filled some Inge holes.

Started a Gabe Kapler PC

My first Inaugural Season cards!

Silver Sigs!

Complete team sets GOLD!

GOLD and GOLD WINNERS team sets!

I also picked up some posters to maybe take to Tigerfest, some 25 cent cards, and a Canseco figure.

I had a couple of these when I was a kid we got from the dollar store. I know I had Kirk Gibson.

Another Edmonds to add to the PC stack helped by Julie's last package to me.

I may start a Santa PC

Last but not least, I FINALLY have in my hands this:

My pick for card of the year 2017 is now mine!


  1. Nice haul! You may have already told me but which show do you go to again?

    1. This was the Troy show. I go every month. Its a mile from my house. I go to the Taylor show a couple times a year too.

    2. Let me know the next time you're going to either and I'll try to meet up with you. I'll probably hit up the February Taylor show on that Saturday.

  2. Also, I looked into the Brian Hunters and think I know what's going on. Leaf Fractal Materials was a confusing product to say the least. Your Fryman and first Hunter are Die-Cut parallels while the other Hunter appears to be the base version. What's confusing is that in all the various material and parallel combos they all kept the same numbering. I remember Donruss/Leaf doing this with other sets like Diamond Kings from around that era where the first 1,000 (#d 1-1000) or whatever printed were "canvas" versions while the rest were normal (#d 1001-5000). That's Topps Tek levels of confusing!

    1. I thought that might be the case as the two die-cuts were lower numbered. Thank you for the info!

  3. Damn, nice haul. I love the first sentence: I went to my local card show with $2.75 in my pocket.

    Two things:
    - Nice Tino RC!
    - Loved Curtis Pride!

  4. For the record, I think it's Rob Deer... but I'm a Cub fan so what do I know?
    30 cards of the local team for a buck? Wow!
    Hey, you never mentioned if you found your Daz Cameron. I saw you picked up some 2015 Stars N' Stripes, so I'm assuming you found one because he's in that set.

    1. You know what? I didn't find any Cameron. Forgot to even look, I guess I got overwhelmed with the junk deals. Oh well. Thats why I take baseballs and other generic Tigers stuff to Tigerfest to get signed.

  5. Great nickel/dime box haul there! Love that Goudey-style Cecil Fielder.

  6. Excellent haul! Nice Musgrove in the Jason jersey, and I spy a silver sig Wagner RC in there. The Vizquel error is phenomenal. Oh, and that's Rob Deer from the '92 Confex Baseball Enquirer Set:

  7. What a whopping lot of great five and dime cards! I'm trying for Troy in February. If I don't make it then, work will keep me away until May. I drive past the building every day on my way in to the office.