Friday, December 29, 2017

Very Merry Holiday Post; RAZZ win, TTM Return, Cards Under the Tree and more!


 I have flushed money down the drain on 4 "RAZZ"'s in my time. If you are not familiar with the term, its basically raffling off a card or cards. Somehow, I actually won one last week. It was a bunch of Tigers cards made up of two sweet A & G relics and a bunch of prospect hits. Check it out:


I sent to Yelich right after being impressed with him in the WBC and then again when I found this Diamond Kings card in a dime box. So for $1.09 from purchase and shipping to and fro, I got this bad boy for my collection! I LOVE DIME BOXES.

Break Bust :(

Here is where my addiction to breaks takes over. I got into another Chronicles break with Hobby Legends since I was so impressed with their last showing for me. This time my luck ran out. I pulled nada. A couple base cards. The guys were nice enough to ship everything very safely again with a free pack and a pack of penny sleeves. 

 Papa Jack Xmas Goodies!

Papa Jack hooked me up with a HUGE tote of more wax and other goodies! There will be a bazillion "What's in Papa Jack's Box" posts to come!

Christmas Cards and an Ebay Purchase

I found this card ending at 90% less than all the others online!

Donnie Baseball SP! AVAILABLE I am still trying to find the Ted Williams fishing SP

I got this gem from a repack box from my brother!

.55 cents shipped! The seller must be a newb, it showed up in bubblemailer from UPS!

Needed a Kenny G something

I hope everybody had a wonderful holiday!