Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Best TTM Return Of All Time! and Some Baseball Stuff.

Talk about a fan for life!

TTM Return That Won't Ever Be Topped!

I have bored all of you with my Pro-Fishing garbage a lot on this blog. Hopefully, at least one person who doesn't follow Bassmasters or FLW thinks its cool and at least one other likes professional fishing too. Anyway, my favorite angler Jacob Wheeler came through TTM for me by signing my pic from last summer and scribbling some ink on a lure he used in that tournament. Talk about game used! I have auto'd game used bats, balls, etc. but this lure is so awesome. I am going to get these to a custom framer to make an awesome display to put up right next to The Express.

Please excuse my white trash paneled basement. Its just a rental until my wife completes residency.

Baseball Stuff as Promised

My brother and I took a trip to the LCS to grab some prospect cards for Tigerfest and he bought 2 packs of Heritage Minors for $4 a piece. I don't know how many boxes this shop goes through but its most likely the same box I pulled the Eloy Jimenez auto from. He handed me one of the packs and boom. I pulled another auto and a numbered card from the same pack...

49/60 I think he spelled Triston wrong. LOL

I've seen pics of players signing cards for sets like this. I can see why their sigs become garbage. Imagine having boxes and hundreds of thousands of cards to sign for hours. Even drawing a smiley face instead of your signature would take forever.

The landscape auto card is not a popular layout but looks really cool and gives the player more room to sign. I wish there were more insert sets like this.

Odds and Ends

For the first time I will be at Tigerfest with Early Entry tickets! I traded a box of Tiger cards, may I didn't want to part with from the PC, to a well known season ticket holder. This guy wears a Tigger Adult Onesie to games through the year. I've seen him on many occasions, hes super cool and a Tiger Super-Fan. I am so excited to get in early and have a chance at at least one decent auto.

I have a rare JaCoby Jones lost in the USPS sea right now. Its been drifting through the Detroit system since January 14. Somehow it shows it made it to Pontiac on the 22nd which means its 1. further away than Detroit is to me and 2. IT PASSED BY MY HOUSE! The USPS around here is very flawed and almost makes me scared to buy anything through the mail. Plus, I'm a TTM auto guy. How many of those were returned but didn't make it to me? Pray for this package for me that it washes up in my mailbox someday.

I've been doing some old-school sorting with my trade cards. I've sent out a bunch of Merry Off-Season packages to some of you and still have a big stack to go. Not grade A stuff but something unexpected to open is always fun. Enjoy.


  1. I'll admit to being one of those not particularly interested in Pro Fishing, but to get an extra signed item from any celebrity is simply awesome. Congrats!

  2. That's cool! Is it a fish-used lure? Or clean?

  3. Not really into fishing, but the signed lure is really cool! Nice to see a favorite angler treat you so well like that!

  4. I don't mind that paneled basement and love those hubcaps! Definitely alluring.