Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Trade Package From Just A Cracked Bat Flip Away


Let me first start by saying Julie from the blog A Cracked Bat knows how to package some cards! No offense to anyone who has sent me packages in the past but this box was packed safer and more perfect than any I have seen before. A while ago I sent Julie some cards that in no possible way were equal to this package. If anyone ever receives a random pwe, bubbler or priority box from me without warning just know they are not a "trade package" just a "hey, have some cards because I enjoy your blog" package. Julie supplemented my Tigerfest load as well as probably doubled my Nick Castellanos and Jim Edmonds PC's. Julie only lives a few miles from me and sometimes its painful to look at her blog because of card envy but I have definitely learned its better to befriend collectors who share your PC's. I must apologize this package was so big I had to use my phone for pics instead of the scanner and it took a few days. I may have left out more cards than I wanted to. Check out what I was able to record for this post:

Absolutely perfectly packed box.

The cards just kept coming!

This team set is amazing! This is the Tigers logo and team I grew up on. I am hoping to get some of these scribbled on at Tigerfest.

Salty and Yelich!

Cool Worth refractor. He wasn't bad.

High end Fulmer!

Two very cool photos of Mags.

I love the look of these cards and Granderson is terrific!

Embossed Sheff!


A very cool Pudge I haven't seen before!

Mags and NOT C-Mo!

I was a big Dean Palmer fan! Mostly because there was nobody else on the team to root for back then.

Tiger fans will never forget Galarraga or Jim Joyce and this card is amazing!

Price refractor and die cut. Just reminders of the Aces the Tigers have lost: Verlander, Scherzer, Porcello, Price, Ray....


This card is so frickin' cool. I hope I see him at Tigerfest.

The Goodwin Champions set was underrated.

My first Honus Bonus cards!

A kid in front of me at the Jack Morris Walmart signing handed him this card. I will never forget his comment to the child "Who gives a shit what Derek Jeter says."

Minis of 3 of my fav's and Peralta

Youngster RC's!

Casty on Casty on Casty! Incredible.

My new favorite!

Senior pic?

Look at this! Who throws this in a random package?! PC Forever!

The UD card is amazing!

The core.

Gypsy Queen set! Just begging for scribbled ink.


My favorite vintage set of all time!

I hope Stanley does at least one more local signing.


Embossed Fryman I have never seen before!

Big Daddy! That McDonalds card is so sweet.

Flair Insert Robby Alomar!

Two Prince's I didn't have.

Look at all the Miggy's! Who dishes out a stack of sure HOF cards?


Rainbow foil to take to Tigerfest!

Sparkly Migs

Harder to find Miggy

Shiny Miggy

Begging for ink Miggy

Miggy miggy miggy

more Miggy

Awesome Miggy. My first Moniker card.



Relic cards too!

Heading to Tigerfest with me!

#'ed Kaline? Dang!

Beautiful classics

I love military themed cards. This one is awesome!




The late Jim Bunning

My coolest Jim Edmonds card!

Third coolest.

Second coolest.


So many awesome Jim Edmonds cards!

Julie you are awesome! Thank you so much. Go Tigers.

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  1. I'd forgotten what was packed in that box! I'm elated to share these cards with you! A trade or a happy card dump, either works for me. Enjoy the cards and get some autos at the show! Hope we meet up at a show one day - until we do, the post office is our friend.