Thursday, April 1, 2021

Watching COMC like a Hawk, I'm the Fool

Like a Hawk

Dennis is such a damn troublemaker, man. Back in December I was fine living my hobby life getting all my cards from TCDB, Ebay, Card Shows and the occasional retail luck. Then, he goes and forces me to get on COMC. Of course, innocent me, I get caught up in the great deals and drop a hundred bucks quickly and paid for the cheapest delivery. ORDER DATE: 03/12/2020 and they gave me the approximate date of 03/12/2021 as the shipment date and 03/18/2021 as the approximate delivery date. Back then the backups at COMC were just being whispered about and weren't that bad. People were still getting packages. I was fine with the March shipment because a few of the cards I picked out were for "investment" (for shame) and that would be perfect timing with Spring Training wrapping up. Well, as you can guess; 03/12 came and went and 03/18 came and went. Now I have no idea if I will get any cards ever. It looks as though my Twitter feed agrees that COMC is in rough shape. About a month or so ago I noticed the header on their website changed and said they needed to add 2 weeks onto shipments. I figured that meant new orders, alas, that is errbody. Also, all through January my virtuously innocent self bought a ton more cards from the site without knowing the pain to come. Now I have like 300+ cards I want in my inventory on the site but worry the site will die before I get the chance. And it is all Dennis's fault. Now he's talking up sportslots and some Canadian site. Like I would ever trust that guy again. 

Meanwhile, I am moving to a new house and will hopefully be moved in and relaxing by the time this post hits. Card room here I come! From then on I am hoping to start trading and blogging again regularly.