Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Blog Bat Around: What I Collect and 2 TTM Returns!

I don't think any of this information is new to anyone but I gotta get in on a blog bat around. Most of what I collect is listed under the tab on my page. A few things I collect that may not be obvious would be:
  • Provisions/Art Cards, any of the beautiful cards of the 80's and 90's that somebody painted instead of a photo
  • 5x7 cards and even 8x10 cards. They look so great signed.
  • Game used and autographed balls, bats, equipment
  • Great photos, historic and vintage photos of baseball 
I don't really have any collecting projects going on currently. I should have my Tigers '78 Rookies project wrapped up at the end of April and will post the crap out of it then. Most of my current projects are sorting stuff and uploading as much as possible to The Trading Card Database. I am on there as pjdionne12 so add me and check out my trade stuff.



I collect mostly Tigers but dabble in all Detroit sports teams. I haven't started but hope to get all my Tigers in order and make team sets for each year. I probably have a ton completed but don't have the time just yet to start sorting them. For now, I stare at them for a period of time when I receive them and then they go in the box to be sorted...someday soon.

TTM Autographs/In-person Autographs

A big reason I am so into Dimeboxes at card shows is to find the perfect card to send to one of my favorite players. I have a lot of strong ideas about TTM autograph collecting that I try to hold my tongue about like sending more than one card and sending to just any old player because they sign. I chose each card and player very specifically that hopefully illustrates the player the way I want to remember them.

Anybody born mid-1980's that doesn't collect Canseco?

PC Guys

I collect a lot of players. They are listed in a tiered format in my "What I Collect" tab. Really any 1990's star that I find I keep. JaCoby Jones, Mike Hessman, and Mark Fidrych right now are the guys I focus on a little more. Brandon Inge, James McCann, Michael Fulmer, Nick Castellanos, Omar Vizquel, Rey Ordonez, Jim Thome, Jose Canseco, Cecil Fielder, Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens, Pedro Martinez, Joba Chamberlain, Rick Ankiel, Brent Clevlen, Jaret Wright, Kenny Lofton, and Joe Carter are mostly guys I grew up collecting with some newer names mixed in. I have a lot more listed under the tab and collect guys that aren't even listed if its a cool card. I should probably list the guys I hate instead. Don't send me: AJ Pierzynski, Nelson Cruz, Aaron Judge, Mike Napoli, and there's more I can't think of right now. If you send me a Pierzynski card I will return the ashes to you.

Lefty passed away last week. He touched a lot of lives through fishing.


Hunting and Fishing are my other passions so when I get to mix all of my hobbies together I am in cardboard heaven. I collect any cards depicting fish, fishing, hunting, or game on them and any card of an athlete hunting or fishing. Most of what I was finding was old Tobacco style cards but recently Allen and Ginter and Goodwin Champions have given this collection a real shot in the arm. I still collect any Allen and Ginter 2017 fish cards I can as I take them to professional fishing competitions to get them signed.


2 TTM Returns

The Kyle Ryan I sent out last spring training. The Taylor Davis came back in two weeks. Its funny for a guy who became popular via viral video of him staring at cameras, he of course is looking somewhere else for his RC.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Full Case Player Break -vs- Buying a Box; the Great Experiment to get the most bang for you buck.

Am I better off buying a box of cards with guaranteed unknown hits or to spend the same amount on a player break of a full case?

Donruss 2018 boxes run $90ish shipped. A hobby box boasts 3 hits (auto or relic) per box. Hobby Legends was running a player break on ebay for each player with a card in the set having its own auction. I foolishly scooped up a LARGE list of players at different prices but setting a personal budget for my total and a budget for each player. I only bid on players I wanted and then filled in gaps with players ending under $3 that fell into trade partner categories. Here is the list of my purchases.

Players I went for:

JaCoby Jones - Tigers    2.50
Jeimer Candelario - Tigers   2.77
Joe Carter - Indians   13.50!
Michael Fulmer - Tigers   3.75
Miguel Sano - Twins   9.46!
Roberto Alomar - Indians   4.25
Nick Castellanos - Tigers   2.86
Ted Giannoulus - Chicken   5.51!

Fill Ins:

Archie Bradley - D'Backs   .99
Ryley Gilliam - USA   2.51
Daniel Alvarez - Orioles    .99
Elvis Andrus - Rangers   .99
Braden Shipley - D'Backs   2.01
Tony LaRussa - A's   4.76!
Raimel Tapia - Rockies   1.29
Travis Shaw - Brewers   1.84
Adrian Gonzalez - Dodgers   .99
Elias Diaz - Pirates   1.88
Mac Williamson - Giants   2.26
Robbie Ray - D'Backs   2.26
Cole Hamels - Rangers   1.83
Joe Musgrove - Astros   3.61
Kevin Kiermaier - Rays   2.14
Aaron Altherr - Phillies   .99
Tyler Glasnow - Pirates   3.25

Total with shipping $82.18, just a little shy of the price of one box.

Keep in mind a few things. First, I researched on what cards each player had and only bid up to $1.26 for players with only base, $3.50 for players with relic/autos, and a little higher in some cases for guys like LaRussa, Musgrove, and Glasnow who I wouldn't mind having a hit from and see they have high probability of hitting. Also, look at some of the prices with ! after them. Those auctions I got into a bidding war and paid more than I wanted to. The same thing happened with Alan Trammell and Al Kaline who both went for double the price of one of their hits would retrieve on ebay. Also, the seller combines shipping for a one time payment of $2.99. I can tell you the package that arrived to my house cost 10X that to ship.


I ended up with 7 hits instead of just 3 had I bought a box. I did not get the high dollar guys I wanted hits from but did pull quite a few prospects. There is some numbered stuff and variations in there too. Overall, I ended up better off than buying a box. I had some, though very little, but still some control over who the hits were. A full case offers 16 boxes per case. I saw a full rainbow of Otani come out. I wish Carter, Sano, Giannoulus or LaRussa would have hit for something to add to my PC but I did pretty well. Hobby Legends as always was terrific during the break, everything shipped super fast and safe, I have single box breaks I bought into the week before this one that haven't shipped yet, and they tossed in two packs of penny sleeves. Please, if you are wanting to try this method of chasing hits over buying boxes do your research. There is a reason I chose each player and paid certain amounts. I used BreakNinja and watched a few case breaks while taking notes before bidding. You don't want to bid up a player and then later find out they don't have any hits in the set. It is all chance. Over $30 of what I spent was only on 4 or 5 guys that I got no hits from in the entire case even though they have a ton of hits in the set. I could have just bought their cards on ebay for that price probably. While 2 auto/relic Musgrove cards for a $3.61 bid is a win, having not a single card to show for paying $13.50 for Joe Carter is painful or a Sano #'ed /199 and 16 base cards for $9.46.

Here is the haul:

I got 2 of these!
/99 pic borrowed from ebay as I gave the card to my brother

/199 pic borrowed from Ebay as I gave to my brother


I got 2 of these /303

#'ed /49 I had to win a quick random for this against the idiot who paid way too much for Miggy.


Blank Back variation.



And the base...

33 Fulmer

14 Ray

13 Andrus

8 Casty split with whoever had Cabrera. This is Nick's only card in the set.

13 Altherr

12 Chicken

16 Sano

29 Hamels, 17 variation

14 Shaw
43 Alomars, 12 say Robbie, 31 Say Roberto

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Night Owl Sighting and a Birthday Weekend Card Show

Night Owl Drops a Pellet Full of Goodness

Night Owl Cards is one of my favorite blogs to follow. I find the writing very relatable and share many of the opinions Greg has on the hobby. This week I was surprised by a thank you package from the card hooter that contained some sweet stuff. Thank you Night Owl!

Always need these. Its awesome when I get a stack of them.

What a year for the Tigers team set. Look at that talent!

Some harder to find PC cards I needed.

Reg and Sparkly!

I needed that Stadium Club RC bad!

PC Dudes

The Hometown Heroes team set

I've busted a lot of packs for this card. Thankfully I can stop wasting money now.

PC and Tiger players from my personal "dead era" of collecting. I have barely anything from 1999-2003.

Take a closer look at Jonesy. Wow. The trainer ran out of peroxide that day.

St. Patrick's Card Show

I was born on St. Patrick's day. I like to think that makes me a little luckier than most but I do have to field the "Oh man, you must have crazy birthdays" comments when alcoholics find out. I have never done a pub crawl or gotten sloppy on my birthday but I always have fun. This past birthday I hit up the local card show the day after. I got to meet Dennis from Too Many Verlanders as I posted earlier and got to spend some pocket change. Here's the haul:

I have been craving some 1993 Fun Pack for a few months now. So finding 1994 for $7 helped a little. The 1993-1996 era of cards was my wheelhouse. It was so much fun to break but about 30 seconds in I felt guilty keeping it to myself. This box is meant to be opened with a kid. There are so many packs, interactive cards, and the colors and names are amazing. I am going to buy up some more of this to bust with Nolan in about 10 years.

Look at these names. Soaked in nostalgia.

Where did heat activated cards go? Maybe the gov't bought the technology.

My other big purchase (by size not price) was a box of 1990 Topps Traded for $3, The Nolan Ryan express set for $2 so maybe I'll stop buying them from dimeboxes...maybe, and a binder. The binder was $2 and inside is the complete set of 1992 fleer with prospects and provisions!

From there I hit the singles boxes. The nickel box had not been refilled so I settle for dime, quarter and dollar.



Never pass a good Griffey for cheap, its easy trade bait all day

Can't pass up another Tino RC for pennies

Nice refractor and Flair RC

I have a not so PC, PC collection of Longoria. I respect the guys game for sure. Plus, two cards stuffed into one toploader for a quarter isn't bad.

I have this somewhere but can't find it.


Super cool Story RC.

Rarish Rocket cards.

More Jimmy

Signed Weaver card? Yes please! He was our "ace" for a while.

I love this set.

Do you think the photographer in the photo was mad that the photographer of this card stole this shot and it turned out cooler than his idea?

Like it says "gold".

Yup. Centered cards be damned. This card is sweet.

Love it

The start of a complete silver signature checklist set.

Wonder when that was written?

Numbered Kapler from the early years of numbered cards.


Die Cuts

Numbered Thome, you bet!

When prizms really popped!