Thursday, November 16, 2017

Huge Mail Day! Trade Packages, TTM, Topps Update

2 Big Trade Packages!

I am posting 2 trades received in one post. In now way are either of them insignificant enough to not have their own post but due to how busy I have been I want to make sure I post about them before they get commingled with my collection and forgotten. If I post a picture of a card under the wrong trader guys I mean no disrespect. Both packages contained pure awesomeness that made the trades totally worth it!


Jared, Tell Your Mom Thanks

I am sure most of the bloggers out there are familiar with the blog Cards My Mom Didn't Throw Out. If not, hit the link. Its a must follow and one of the many blogs that inspired me to get a new creative name. Jared sent me a sweet package for some cards off my Trade Bait link. Here is a SMALL selection of the goodness. By the way Jared, if you are reading this; I want that whole page of Pat Burrell you have posted. I will hit you up for it after my next card show adventure. Check this trade:

I LOVE silver signatures and Metal!

I wish I could find this card as a poster. Its so cool.

Cam Maybin will always be a Tiger. He is a cool dude.

Names only Tigers homers like me collect.

I have never seen this Thome card. It might be my favorite one!

A couple of other Tiger Homer favorites hitting the dirt!

Is it a sign? Evans is signing down the road from my house at the end of the month. I have been contemplating going but I don't know if I'll have the $15 to splurge. Mostly because HoJo will be there too and he's $20. I can't imagine getting one and not the other. But $35?! I don't know. Thats a lot of dimebox cards.
Jared did some heavy digging to hit the PC guys!

Deep digging, for great cards.

This Fielder is sweet!

I always say; when someone send Rey Ordonez cards they either are organized better than a library or they have dug for hours. Either way; much appreciated.

Package 2!

This next trade was through Facebook. Jeremy Marts is the traders name and he was one of the lone normal people who offered me a trade. I posted about the crazies on Facebook in an earlier post but did not discuss the freaks who get mad when you say "Thanks but no thanks." They get really angry when you don't want what they are offering. Its baseball cards and trading people. Buy the cards from me if I don't want your Ryon Healy rookie card. Anyway, Jeremy is the man. He hooked it up with wax and very new Tiger cards in a big ole perfectly packaged box. Somehow he found the time with two babies at home. Another very small sampling of this great box:
Farewell J Up!

Is Greiner going to make the club this year?

Chad Bell will probably be the Tiger's #5 this year.


This box had a ton of Jimenez. He better figure it out.

Legends in deed!

That J Up is so cool. That Verlander is the Black Variation.

I would bet half my collection thats a Rays uniform and a photoshopped helmet. (You never bet your whole collection)

I keep investing. These dudes better deliver.

My first Bowman buy back.

Miggy Gold.

Miggy shiny.

He sent the whole team set of a bunch of wax era Tigers!

Reverse raccoon makeup?

Speaking of the dude better do something...

Seriously JaCoby....

All Star patch!

TTM Returnish:

One of those nights when I was bored and falling down an internet rabbit hole I found a very old post about writing to Disney and getting certain character's autographed pictures. I said what the heck and my son and I wrote a letter to Maui from Moana to get a signed pic. I guess Maui doesn't sign so they sent my son this post card. Kind of cool. He wasn't impressed. His own shadow impresses the shit out of him sometimes (at three years old) but mail does not.

Busy, Busy, Busy

No man's bar top should look like this for more than one night. Its getting worse every day.


Between my Name the Blog contest I held, trades and other interactions I have spent over $200 at the post office in the last 3 weeks. Not all in one trip, that would have been too easy. I hope my wife doesn't add it up. I've been back and forth to the post office and packaging and sorting cards all while finishing my Real Estate class which is finally over. I am probably going to take a nice hiatus from the post office for a while. Unless someone talks me into a trade. Its not that hard.
I should have some really good posts coming up so stay tuned. I recently won a contest on instagram that should bring me a sweet prize. Heres a clue:


Another Topps Update Pack? Really?!

Yes, I busted another 2017 Topps Update for passing my final exam. There wasn't anything too crazy. Actually, it didn't even have a gold card which I though every hanger pack had.

Dahl SP. Available for trade.

This Reds card is cool. I love these untouchables if only I could get someone I PC.

I am going to burn the 2006 World Series card.

De Leon's cleats are pretty sweet on this card.

This is my 50th Jimenez card probably and the 1st I've pulled myself.


  1. Lots to like in that post. The cardboard was stellar, but my favorite was this line, "I would bet half my collection thats a Rays uniform and a photoshopped helmet. (You never bet your whole collection)". Instant classic right there!

  2. Great post! The stack of Burrells are yours, my friend. I’ll add it to your next package!