Friday, November 17, 2017

2017 Topps Holiday Hobby Shop Set (Bowman) at the LCS! and BOOM!


I finally updated my Trade Bait page. Its looking a little weak due to my heavy trade activity in the past month. I'll try to build it up by next month.

Topps Update Jumbo Pack

So I won't make it a mystery; my LCS is Grand Slam Sports Shop in Sterling Heights, MI. Its about 3 miles from my house and I don't visit it even a fraction of as much as I should. I always pull hot cards there. I went in to get the free pack of 2017 Topps Holiday cards you could only get at hobby shops after spending $10 on Topps products. I dropped $15 on a jumbo pack of Update to spend my minimum $10 to get my 3 Holiday card pack. I had my son with me and he was not in the mood to be at a card shop at 9:45am so I just grabbed the first pack that was at least $10. I have done well with cheap retail Update packs but don't really enjoy the product due to lack of Tigers and it only being made to overpopulate the world with Judge and Bellinger cards. Anyway, I didn't get crap in the pack that cost 3X the retail ones. Not even a gold numbered card. No Judge, no Bellinger, no real hits.

SP, whoopdeedoo. This year Topps has killed the SP Photo Variation Market

Not a real "hit" in my book. Of course I just finished a trade with a certain D'backs collector. I'll have to hang on to it for him.

Foil. I keep pulling the Keuchel cards and I keep becoming more annoyed with him.

Who the hell is this guy, and why do I now have 8 of this card? Is there a pack of Update that this card isn't in?!

Bittersweet JV and another World Series participant and my 6th DeJong update card.

Finally a new name.


The Holiday pack made up for it though. I pulled 3 good names and one was numbered. Can't complain there.

My streak of rarer Cody's continues.

I think I have every one of Yuli's RCs without trying.

#'ed /99!

That's One Way to Spend a Couple Bucks

Lastly, I had a few bucks in change and there are standards I live by that state you cannot walk out of a card show with more than 24 cents in your pocket and you can't leave a card shop with more than 99 cents. So I grabbed the top pack of 2017 Heritage Minor League and was done buying. The case boasted one auto per box but it didn't look like anybody had bought any yet. I busted the pack to find only one name I recognized:

#'ed /50!


  1. Nice pull on the Eloy auto! Boy, I wish he was still in the Cubs system... but if he was, then the Cubs wouldn't have Jose Quintana and would have 3 gaping holes in the pitching rotation.