Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Video Post: Trade Packages, Box Break, and Other Goodies

Here is another video of some TCDB trade packages and a Hobby Legends Topps Series 2 break. I am pjdionne12 on Trading Card Database if you want to trade!

Here is a better view of my Topps Home Run Challenge winning cards. There is a lot of talk about the numbering and a lot of people are claiming to be owed cards beyond the numbers that have been printed. I am awaiting a public response from Topps. Should be interesting and I am a little leery of moving these until I find out what the numbering issue is and how it will effect the market on these. Leave it to Topps to screw up something relatively simple. These are available for sale or trade for other winners of Hoskins, Soto, or Arenado.

Bought a pack of minor league at the LCS while picking up penny sleeves. This was the only interesting card. 

Retail blaster of series 2.

A couple of Meijer packs gave me these.

I'm working on one of these things I've seen people do.


  1. That Stewart custom art card is really cool!

  2. Topps screw something up? I just can't believe that :)

    Cool custom BTW!