Monday, July 15, 2019

TRADING IN THE RAIN: Hanging with Dennis at CoPa. VIDEO BLOG : 4 Case 2019 Stadium Club break, TCDB & Ebay goodies

Big Mail Day Video Blog

I am getting too busy and lazy to make decent posts lately. I think my blogging activity follows the weather and the colder it is outside, the hotter my blogging is. Right now it is in the 90's outside, therefore; I am a ghost on blogger. 
I did however, get a huge mail day about a week ago and decided to record myself opening it all. Included in this video and cannot be overstated is one of the best trade packages I have ever received. Dennis from Too Many Verlanders and also the blog-trader's HOF came to a Tiger game with me and brought me some amazing cards. Two of which have me flabbergasted and will very soon find their way into a display in my card cave. I got too excited and started logging some of Dennis's package into Trading Card Database before I even took pictures. My bad, won't happen again. So not in the video are a stack of Nolan Arenado and Nolan Ryan cards from my wantlist. 
Our 4:10 first pitch Red Sox v. Tigers game ended up being an all night ordeal as first pitch happened sometime after 8:15pm. I got home after the game around 1am I think, I am sure Dennis got in much later. The Tigers gave 0 information as the day went on and the stadium took on water at a Titanic pace. There must have been 100 times we looked at each other and said "they have to reschedule." It was awesome having all the extra time to talk cards with Dennis and explore the park a little more than usual. I had a pretty crappy time leading up to meeting up with Dennis at this game so I am so glad he was there to hang out with or else I would have lost my mind.

In the video I review my trade with Dennis, a couple TCDB trades, some ebay purchases, and a big 4 Case Hobby Legends 2019 Stadium Club player break package in which I bought the Christin Stewart, Nick Castellanos, Michael Fulmer and Niko Goodrum spots.
The video is a little lengthy and I try to keep it moving . Here is a skip ahead cheat list of what I am opening at different times in the video:

0:32 Trade Package Dennis
1:28 The Game Changer Cards from Dennis
3:54 TCDB Trades
8:32 Ebay Packages
11:58 Hobby Legends 4 Case 2019 Stadium Club Player Break


  1. Thanks for the video. Good stack of auto/relics for $6. By the way, Kyle Ryan is the Cubs bullpen and has done a pretty fair job.

  2. Cool video! I may start doing trade packages this way too if only for my sanity. I'm subbed to you on Youtube now, anyway, so I look forward to more uninterrupted-by-needy-four-year-olds content.

    1. The interrupted videos are probably pretty funny. Might have to make a mash up of those sometime.