Friday, June 14, 2019

VIDEO POST: 2019 Topps Home Run Challenge WINNERS April/May! Harper, Torres, Ohtani, Sanchez


It would seem I recieved my 2019 Home Run Challenge winners for April and May well before some other collectors. Not sure why, but a few have reached out angrily wondering how I have mine in hand when theirs say "processing" still. Sorry, no idea. Above is a quick unboxing of my package from Topps, an Ebay box break I was in for Topps Finest, and a Trading Card Database trade package. All Home Run Challenge cards are available for purchase as I am in need of funds for the National.


  1. Congratulations on that Torres and Ohtani!

  2. I like how other people are mad at you for getting something earlier than them, of course too those are probably the sort of folks who are prone to getting upset over trivial things, so you can really do much about them.