Saturday, December 2, 2017

New Additions, Vintage Teddy Ballgame, Topps Gallery and Update

So the flu or something of equal power is running its course through my household. My poor 3 year old has been beat up by it for almost a week now and now its my turn apparently. But, I was able to pick up a few packs of cards while waiting for prescriptions at Rite Aid and grabbing some medicine bribe toys at Toys R Us.
My "HIT" from the Rite Aid package. I was a big Beachy fan for a bit and have a ton of his cards. This is my first relic.

A pack of Gallery was good enough to spit out a Bellinger but thats about it.

Update GOLD /2017

/50 Purple somethingorother variation of Brinson RC

This card was awesome at first then I noticed how miscut it is. BADLY! Sucks the only miscut card in the whole pack was a Mitch Haniger SP RC! Just my luck.

Ebay Grabs

I have never completed or even tried for a rainbow of a card. But this JJ called to me so I bought it. /50

Two things I love: Baseball and Fishing. Living in New England for a few years brought a new respect for Ted Williams and his life on and off the field. The guy was an amazing fisherman. 1959 Fleer

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  1. Wow, that Ted Williams set never ceases to surprise me with its content. Ted fishing? How cool is that!
    Hope you feel better soon!