Friday, December 8, 2017

Old School Bball & Breaking Some 1991 Topps Wax from Papa Jack's Box

Old School Basketball

Penny Hardaway, Shawn Kemp, and the Glove Gary Payton were all superheroes when I was in middle school. I collected baseball cards hard but I went to an "inner-city"ish school and basketball cards were currency. All of my cards that survived from that time look like I have carried them in my wallet since. So when I saw Jeff at Fan-Attic Sports Cards Blog was dishing out some sweet nostalgia I had to get in on it. Jeff sent me some amazing cards that took me back to the good ole days. Other than the Michael Jordan I don't think I ever had any of the other cards. I still have a couple boxes of basketball cards but these gems are hitting a binder ASAP. Thanks Jeff! Make sure you check out Jeff's blog and his store tab. Its a very impressive offering that I will be hitting up after Xmas!

What's in Papa Jack's Box?!

It has been a real roller coaster ride for me lately with a lot of things stressing me out. I NEEDED some cardboard therapy and with no card shows let alone money around I had to sneak back into Papa Jack's Box for something to tear up. This time: 1991 Topps.
Known for its Chipper Jones RC, 1991 Topps was a staple in my childhood collecting. It is one of my favorite designs of all time and I had a blast busting this box. I was able to find one Chipper RC but as you can see by the pic, the lazy-eyed Topps card cutter hit this one crooked as a politician with 4 feet of border on the left and 2 inches on the right. But, I'm not a graded card guy anyway and pulling this from a pack felt oh so good.

This will forever by in my top ten sets of all time. I have two more boxes of it sealed in Papa Jack's Box. I'm hoping to bust another one with him during the holidays and save the jumbo sealed box of celo packs for Nolan somewhere down the line. Things are starting to look up around here I think. We are at least sounding a bit healthier we just need some other family members to get out of the woods with their health and we will be on our way to a Merry Christmas.

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  1. 1991 Topps is definitely an underrated set. The Roger Clemens was always one of my favorites!