Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Secret Santa Hath Visited! Whoa...


There are a number of bloggers that I have immense respect for and see their blogs as integral pieces of our niche blogosphere. Bob Walk the Plank created by Matt was one of the first blogs I found when getting back into spewing about cards. He was also a huge influence in changing my blog name to something catchy. He is such an awesome guy for putting together Secret Santa for us. Thank you Matt!

Angus from Dawg Day Cards blog, and I am sure many other media places, got stuck with me for Secret Santa...and he crushed it! I have seen some posts that lead me to believe I am a part of a large number of us who feel like we suck at being Santa and received much better gifts than we gave out. Its most likely not true at all but I know my package wasn't as personalized and perfect as the one bestowed upon me. I hope, hope, hope he stayed within the price limit and if he did he is one of the best deal finders on Earth. I know I spent half a day shopping for my secret person but did not send a package that looks anywhere close to as thoughtful and as much time consuming as the was put into mine. For that, my gift person, I hope you enjoy the package and hopefully next year Angus draws you.
Anyway, like steroids shot into A-Rod's butt; here is the package that has beefed up my collection:

Angus sent this awesome card depicting old Yankee Stadium (which I was lucky enough to visit) with the scoreboard lit up with an afternoon matinee with the Tigers. So awesome! I'm probably going to try to get this autographed its so cool.
Angus visited Comerica Park and got these sweet Tigers sunglasses. I was hoping to keep them in the collection but they have been claimed.

Big time vintage with big names! The Gene Lamont RC has been on my wishlist forever.

More vintage gems and not just Topps! Luckily, Angus put notes on most of the items so I knew what I was getting, not everything is what it seems in this hobby.

The backs of these are cooler than the fronts!

The man!

The '73 Tigers had some big names!
Big Daddy could knock down some Grand Slams!

Super awesome Tram. The condition is amazing!

I have often thought about collecting a set of these, I may have gotten the trigger to do so now!

Okay Angus, where did you find this? I can't find anything about it anywhere! I haven't had a ton of time to research but all the easy searches came up with nothing.

I didn't realize until now, I bought Sugar Crisp while grocery shopping and my wife asked why. I guess this card stuck in my head.
Another new Willie Horton! I think hes doing a signing coming up. The next time you see this it will hopefully be scribbled on.

1993 Tigers Gatorade jumbo team set. 29 Cards! This team is the first team I really remember watching and following hard. I love this set!
I had no idea the Tigers had so many stickers in this set! Absolutely awesome.


Come on Angus! There is no way all this kept you under budget dude. This should illustrate how much effort my man put into this gift. I hope you have an awesome Christmas Angus! Expect a thank you package very soon!
 These cards are amazing! I am going to get them framed after Christmas. They are the coolest fishing cards I have to date. I have to really research their existence as I have never seen them before. I love them, I get pumped every time I see them.


  1. FWIW, if you really want those glasses back, I think you can take the guy that snatched 'em. I believe in you!
    Wow, Angus really did a number there... perfect for your collection, right down to the fish!

  2. Awesome package! I love the 71 OPC backs definitely cooler than the normal 71 backs.

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed the package! Merry Christmas!

  4. Oh, forgot to add, the Topps New Era card was part of a giveaway at baseball stadiums this summer if you bought a team set of cards and a New Era hat at the stadium. I did so at a Diamondbacks game. I guess I should find the checklist and add it to the Trading Card Database.

  5. Really great package! Nice work, Angus.

  6. Angus is the man. Thanks for joining in this year!

  7. I certainly am happy with the package I got! Getting ready to post about it now, I hadn't seen your blog before. Adding you to my blogroll too...Angus hit me with two of those same fish cards...must have been duplicates :)