Saturday, February 3, 2018

Contest Winners and Where is all the 2018 Topps?

Contest Winners!

There were not a lot of entries but I will take quality over quantity. I had fun reading the revenge plots of others and I hope everyone else did too. Everybody who entered is a winner and prize packs with a miggy card and some PC stuff will go out soon to each one of you. Thank you! Your humor helped me through the difficult Tigerfest hangover I was in. Brett Alan, find my email address under my contact me link and email me an address for you.

Matt from Diamond Jesters got me thinking with his glitter bomb idea. Whilst writing a handful of Spring Training TTM letters I decided my revenge will be sending all the littered edges from all my other letters to Miggy. I know from experience it will never get to him anyway. Someone in some office will open it and have the edges of all my paper littered all around their work space. They will  have to send me the dreaded donation request letter in return. Thus, forcing the Tigers to pay people to waste time returning fan mail. Also, the custodial crew will have an awful time trying to clean up the mess costing even more man hour money. All this extra money dished out to deal with my litter stuffed envelope will cause the Tigers to raise ticket prices. The team as a product being as bad as it already is and having already raised prices will lose attendance, drastically. The city of Detroit will turn its back on the team as tickets become too expensive and fans would rather go watch the new thriving Pistons down the road with new superstar Blake Griffin. The organization will eventually have to relocate to Las Vegas and win the 2024 World Series and become a Dynasty for a decade. Detroit teams will suddenly start to leave one by one until the city once again is returned to its post-apocalyptic, dark comic book-esque, villain filled cesspool environment....So maybe I won't do that.


I have posted a bunch of places about the local USPS distribution centers having a horrible time getting mail to recipients as of late. Rumor has it they are 4 days behind on sorting and can't catch up for lack of help. I read this online, it may or may not be true. Anyway, I finally received the package I had been waiting on for weeks that bounced around and fell off the face of the Earth for a while. I am too poor to go chase and actual rainbow of a card but someday when I do I would not want to be missing any pieces I could have gotten cheap in the meantime. I found this cool little piece on Ebay and the price was too good to pass up. I know most rainbows of a card are just numbered's and color variations but I thought this would complete the rainbow well someday.

5 Card Cello Pack with Jones RC on top!

2018 Topps, Where you at?

I visited a number of stores Wednesday looking for a single pack of 2018 Topps and found NOTHING. Target must have been sold out and Walmart and Meijer are never stocked on time or well at all. There are 3 Walmarts, 3 Meijer, and 3 Targets within a 20 minute drive of me. I would assume the same person is responsible for stocking mutliples of those. I was forced to buy one pack of 2017 Update to dry my tears. Nothing special but the Josh Donaldson SP shown above. I am so burned out on "SP" and "SSP". When they are selling for $1 on ebay they can't be printed all that short.
That leads me to the multiple facebook card group posts I have seen lately from last year's bandwagon Judge/Bellinger card flippers complaining that they aren't getting their money back when buying 2018. "Last year I could buy 3 blasters, sell the RC's and buy a bunch more when it came out. What happened?" Two monster rookies and Topps don't mix. I have a very strong feeling this is the end of the current collecting era and we are due for a hobby ice age mirroring the Junk Era. It empowers us to have a high population in the hobby but an ignorant population is never a good thing. Solidarity people.


  1. I like the plan! Should be fun when you send it.

  2. There's something oddly satisfying about pulling off those notebook paper edges...I was borderline obsessive about it in grade school. I do feel bad that Miggy's personal assistant will be picking them out of his/her sweater for a week!

  3. Despite the new releases, I generally refrain from selling this time of year because lots of people have post-Christmas budget constraints and the casual fan/collector that fork over money because they don't know any better just aren't thinking baseball cards yet despite Spring Training right around the corner. I'll pick back up in March when ST is in full swing and tax refunds are rolling in, ha!

  4. Those people in your FB group are kinda stupid. Judge/Bellinger didn't get hot until after the season started so of course in February you're not going to get the same kind of fervor over rookie cards.

    1. Well, yeah it is facebook...Probably mostly tweens anyway. Damn millennials.

  5. My Target didn't get their act in gear until Saturday morning. Be patient and thanks for the contest!