Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A Huge Loss, A Big Gain, and 3 TTM Returns

A Tough Loss

I am a bit behind on posting and shipping packages. My wife's Grandmother and wife of the infamous Papa Jack passed away from ALS this past weekend. She was the matriarch of the family and will be missed everyday by a lot of people. Thats about all I'll post on here about it.

A Big Gain

The blog must go on I suppose. I was able to get up to Papa Jack's place on Sunday to be with everybody. The snow was a bitch and I put 18 hours behind the wheel over two days to get there and back. Wouldn't change it and definitely wish I could get up there way more often. Anyway, Papa Jack loaded me down with cards and memorabilia again. He had a huge tub loaded with cardboard and found some sweet posters and plaques to give me to take home.

My "What's In Papa Jack's Box?" segments will carry on for years with all this stuff on top of all the stuff I haven't even gotten to from previous gifts. I am going to post some of the treasures that got me excited as I peeked around in some of the boxes.

Yup, these are legit. I have never really handled cards from the 1950's but I knew right away they felt different and were an odd size. I took them down to the LCS and sure enough; they are the real deal and in crazy good condition. I will post more about them soon!

I finally have one!

So check this out...I open this box expecting a bunch of sorted junk wax and behold: 4 boxes containing 1989 Topps Traded TIFFANY sets. The cards are pristine. I have never had cards graded before but I am probably going to have to.

There were five sets of 1991 UD Football and they all have this card in them.

3 TTM Returns, Suddenly!

Some cards are just so cool you have to send them out no matter who the player is. Hellickson is no bum and this card is magnificent now!

My first Granderson return. Both he and Hellickson's card were sent out on Valentine's Day 2017.
The greatest inscription ever scribbled.

TOPPS 2018

I finally found some 2018 Topps. Here are some cards:

Of course my first card is bittersweet.