Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Cheers! TTM Season, Card Show, Breaks, Trades


I remember the show Cheers as a kid but was a little young to have actually watched it. My life is boring enough now that I started watching the show from the beginning and it is terrific. The picture above shows a cryptic message that a quick google search results in a strange explanation. According to whatever the hell I read; a teacher in Ohio was disappointed when Cheers was going to be cancelled around its 3rd season. Apparently this guy successfully rallied fans of the show via a radio station and someone put this message up in an episode to thank him. I don't know if any of this is the truth but I am hoping, for me, its a sign from above that the Tigers are in it this year.

I will say it now because it doesn't fit in anywhere else, to anyone waiting on a package from me for whatever reason; I am without a vehicle until next week. I am hoping to hit the post office Friday or Saturday to get rid of this pile ASAP. This includes winnings, trades, or whatever else I have addressed and laying around.

TTM Season in Full Swing!

I have sent out 16 TTM auto requests to spring training this week. My brother is getting into TTM autos so I created a kind of game for us. We are both sending out 5 requests for each other but not telling each other who they are. It will be cool if any come back because I don't know who he chose for me. I tried to choose some 99% success signers for him. Here is a list of the guys I sent to for myself:
Alex Faedo, Tanner Roark, Chris Bosio, Ron Gardenhire, Brent Honeywell, Bartolo Colon, Whit Merrifield, Grayson Greiner, Jeimer Candelario, Hunter Strickland, Leonys Martin, and Aaron Slegers.

Free Box Breaks?!

If you aren't already, go right now and follow The Iron Lion Breakers on facebook! One of my favorite bloggers The Daily Dimwit posted about being a part of a new online breaker so I checked them out and gave them a follow. Recently, they have been doing FREE breaks! I thought it was a joke at first but I have been a part of three so far. I haven't had any big hits and told them to keep what I have hit for giveaways because I feel bad knowing how crappy shipping is. It is a ton of fun to be in a break, especially a free one. What a way to work out the kinks and gain some customers quickly. I very much recommend checking them out. I can't wait until Heritage and Gypsy Queen come out this year to have them break some boxes for me.

You want to talk about legit? This card was pulled tonight and given away; FREE!

What's In Papa Jack's Box?

Well there are so many boxes now I won't ever run out of stuff to post from Papa Jack. Tonight I have a handful of stuff for y'all to check out. This stuff all came from my most recent gifts. There are some sweet stamp sets that are super interesting if you read the COA from the Babe Ruth ones.

I love breakfast sausage and Cecil Fielder! This cello pack is intact and amazing.

Card Show in the Snow!

The weather was terrible this last week, dumping over a foot of snow around my area. I was still able to slide into the local card show. I was looking for one card. I will get to that in my next section. I did not find it. I did however spend all my time/money on a nickel box, dime box, quarter box and a few stragglers. I would like to warn you; even if you see a nickel box, always spend higher first and work your way down. I always end up spending most of my funds on the cheapest boxes and then finding hot quarter boxes and I already have no room left to carry cards or have no money left. Buy the expensive first and work your way down. The nickel and dime boxes I hit last month were refilled! What I am posting here is unfortunately not even 0.5% of what I took home but I have already sorted much of it into boxes.
Two Orioles Press Proofs

Random 5 cent Auto. He has some Detroit Tiger ties for sure. Ullger Wiki Page

I fill all my pockets with cases and sport a fancy fanny pack and still run out of room for loose cards.

Mr. Big Shot

10 cents to add another Fidrych to the PC!

I can't pass up #'ed cards for a nickel. No matter who the player or sport.

#'ed /250!

#'ed /500! Now I may loose a bunch of followers for saying I have never been a Seinfeld fan but I just am not. This card is available.

10 cents? Does this guy even look at these cards before dumping them for a dime?!

Now this is a crazy card. Cost me a quarter but I had never seen anything like it before. Of course I forgot to scan the back but it says its for promotional use only.

Picked up some decent Bregman RC's for $1 a piece.

I know everyone is chasing the '83 reprints this year but these are the real deal.

Fergie buy back.

I found a bunch of the "black" Stadium Club cards for 10 cents a piece.

I have already found a new suitor for this card.

Can't pass up a memorabilia card from a sure HOFer even if its not in his most memorable team.

Oh yeah I almost forgot I snagged this on ebay for .99!


Alright, Where Is It?

I need this card (above). Aaron Slegers Topps 2018 #277. Nobody at the card show had one. Don't make me buy it off ebay people. I am offering your choice of the following cards to anyone who is willing to send me a Slegers PWE in time for me to send it to him at spring training. Your choice of any of these four cards sent to you PWE for Slegers in return. The Moncada is a rainbow foil. Somebody hook me up! AJ aka THE LOST COLLECTOR hath hooked me up. Thanks!


  1. Kerry Wood, pitcher for the Orlando Rays. Good times!
    Someday I'll track down that Tom Selleck/Big Hurt card. Good stuff!

  2. Good luck on ST TTMs. Will be very jealous if you get Bartolo back!

    I'm not near my cards by will check for Slegers tonight if no one else helps you by then.

  3. Nice pickups. I never thought about carrying some empty plastic cases with me for singles. I'm going to steal that. Which means I should go to a show.