Sunday, September 8, 2019

Sealed for Freshness and Made with Love from Dennis!

My best bloggin' buddy Dennis  hooked me up "freaky fast" with a sammich bag full of goodness. Thus proving you can ship safely in a ziploc. He tends to drop pounds (of cards) like Jared from Subway in my mail box and in person very often.  Somehow we are both in some kind of USPS super-speed vortex sweet spot that allows us to get packages to each other faster than a Gargantuan from a 16 year old Jimmy John's driver in his mom's 1988 Trans Am. We literally received each other's packages less than 24 hours after sending them. I don't think I will ever break even with the stuff that Dennis finds for me.

Dennis loved the loose Miggy RC in a baggy via ebay I got a few days ago so much he has incorporated the shipping technique into his own trades. 

I've been watching this one card jump between $25-35 on ebay for over a year. Now I have one!

That pinstripe is sick! Young Arenado sporting his guns.

My first Reimold AUTO for my "Nolan" collection!

I have always loved these donruss relics. Andy Dirks is a personal favorite and I have been waiting to pick up enough Panini Points to snag this card. Now, I can get the Austin Jackson on instead. 

Oooh, Acetate cards are my jam!

Prince's swing arm > Encarnacion's Parrot arm home run trot. 

Golden express!

This pin is amazing. I have never seen one before and I always look at the random boxes and in the nooks and crannies of junk tables. 

Now that is a sketch card!

/1500 no less!

Every Nolan Ryan collector has these cards banging around in boxes. I rarely see them in the original box and now can be certain I am not missing any.

How Silly Our Hobby Is

This is that card got above (this one is /99, but big whoop) that I have been watching forever and the seller will not mark it down. Don't have to watch it get relisted anymore!

One single blaster. A break spot in one single blaster. $20. That IS the price of the blaster. I hope nobody was silly enough to get into this.

Silly is probably not a strong enough word for a $1K pack of cards.

I feel like the Tigers have been doing this with Miggy for a long time. They ask $350+ for his signature ttm and way more on actual decent items. 


  1. Love the manner in which these were shipped! And that pin sure is something, although I don't know what I like better, the actual pin itself, or the cardboard backer :)

  2. The Tigers charge $350+ for a Cabrera TTM autograph? That's not silly... that's insane.

  3. I'm not sure that Prince's swing arm > Encarnacion's Parrot arm home run trot. I love seeing the parrot on EE's arm when Cut4/MLB gets a hold of his home run trot videos.