Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Fantasy Baseball; First Loser! Also, a Shout Out to The Lost Collector

I HATE LOSING. Its ingrained deep within me for whatever reason. It may be an oldest child thing, I don't know. I took second place in fantasy baseball this year and it sucks. I busted my butt making sure I had the best lineup each week but in the final matchup my own Tigers lost it for me. Matt Boyd threw a 2 inning outing and Michael Fulmer is a delicate flower. I guess thats what I get for being a homer and picking up Detroit guys. In my defense; Boyd was good all year but just shit the bed when I needed him most. I lost by ONE category! Matt Boyd is dead to me now. I really enjoyed having this league to work on. I wish it would have been a bit more interactive. I was able to make zero trades even though I offered like 30 throughout the year. There was zero chatter on the league forum. I think more than half of the people signed up ghosted the damn thing after the first month. Typical for fantasy baseball. I hate to say it but I think there is probably a correlation between being able to finish a fantasy baseball season actively and being able to sit and watch a baseball game. Damn millennials and their need for instant gratification and entertainment. Anyway, congratulations to The Bonds Squad whoever you are. It was an amazing championship that came down to the last inning on the last day. A huge thank you and shout out to Jake (I think, I only know the accounts from the league, Twitter @sportcardscollec,  and the blog) from Sports Card Collectors for setting up the league! I am not up on things, it may be a collectively owned blog but always good stuff and peeks at new products.

I had some pretty great trades via Twitter recently. I mistakenly got anxious and worked it all into my collection before taking scans or posting individual contributions. So, sorry to AJ The Lost Collector  or @Lost_Collector. He hooked me up with some sweet Tigers cards. Here are some of the examples that stayed close enough to the surface to grab and snap:

The Trammell was a bonus card AJ threw in. It ended up being my favorite of the whole lot!


  1. Lemme know if you'd like to form a card blog next year. I'm not sure Jake is up for again and we may be able to find 8 to 12 "active" owners who will make it fun.

    1. That sounds great! I was thinking of putting one together and trying to brainstorm ways of making it more interactive and less drawn out to keep people going.

  2. Glad you liked the idea why I threw it in, but glad I did! Thanks for the trade!

  3. It was a fun league, even though I finished 7th. Usually I try for at least one trade every year for each league I play, but this year I didn't make or receive many proposals. I don't know why. Anyway, it was fun!

  4. You’re welcome! Jake is actually a buddy of mine who helped set the league up and help me figure out and crunch the numbers. My name is actually Matt :)