Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Haiku 1/1, 4 TTM Returns, and a Big Assist

The talented, and dare I say ahead-of-his-time blogger Matt at Diamond Jesters put on a contest and I was lucky enough to be one of the winners. He gave me a couple of topics to pick from and created my own personal haiku from it. His poetry has to be one of the most unique continued post topics on any blog I have seen. It makes his site one of my favorites. I chose the Portland Sea Dog topic as I had an apartment in Portland Maine for a couple of months overlooking Hadlock Field. He also tossed in a handful of PC player cards, all of which I needed. He is one of the best out there! Thanks Matt.


 I don't blog 1/100th of what I used to. It want to but just can't invest the time that often anymore. I give huge credit to The Lost Collector aka AJ. He posts more often than 99% of bloggers out there and always quality content. Mostly drool-worthy Tino cards and some Yankee scrubs. I spent way too much money trying to pull this Aaron Slegers card this year and finally asked for help. AJ was my savior and sent me one PWE practically overnight. I owe this return to him. Thanks again AJ!


U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A

 After a looooong lull of no TTM returns, I had 3 sitting for me on my last trip to my return address. These two follow the USA theme as Royce Lewis is in his red, white and blue gear and Tanner Roark was masterful pitching for team USA in the last WBC.
I like personalized autos, not enough guys do them.

Oh, Canada...

Not to be outdone; I received TTM and got in person one autograph from two Canadian born athletes. Alex Delvecchio is a Red Wing legend and I was finally able to get him on this vintage card at a local card show. TTM hall of famer Pat Neshek has been throwing Nick Pivetta's name out all over social media as an up and coming card freak. I sent him a hockey auto I had found deep in a nickel box a few years ago in return for his scribble.

A masterpiece.

I love combo Rookie cards, for some reason.


  1. Matt hit you with a haiku, too? Awesome. I remember seeing a few Sea Dogs games when they played my local team, the New Haven Ravens. (Matt's haiku for me was about a former Raven)

    Nice autos, Delvecchio in particular. The thing about combo cards is my OCD would require getting both sides signed.

    1. You really want to test your OCD? Look back at a return I got from JaCoby Jones last year in which he signed both sides/both players. No idea what happened there.

  2. Yankee Scrubs? Hahahaha! He's going to love reading that when he sees your post! AJ is one good dude. :)

  3. Happy to help! You sent me far more in return than what was needed!

  4. That Delvecchio is sweet! He did a great job of signing in the perfect spot.